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A job content questionnaire is typically used by businesses to collect information about the kind of work involved in a particular job and the qualifications necessary for successful job performance. It is also commonly used to determine the necessary functions of a particular position. It is not intended to measure how well an employee performs; it simply collects information about a particular job. The job content questionnaire document should have a series of questions about the nature of the job that is being evaluated. These questions should be organized in a logical progression. This questionnaire should include contact information for the department or supervisors that are responsible for the administration of the questionnaire and any other information the business needs from the employee. The questionnaire should include as many questions as necessary for determining each position's overall content. The job content questionnaire sample listed below is from an automobile manufacturing company which intends to use the information gathered to outline a process on the manufacturing line, and determine what skills and experience are needed to perform the job efficiently and effectively.

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