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A job interview assessment is a form used by companies conducting interviews for new employees. The person or people conducting these interviews use this type of assessment form. Interviewers use the assessment to mark down their thoughts and opinions on the potential candidate. The form is then used as a reference for each candidate after all the interviews are finished. The job interview assessment form should be focused primarily on the pros and cons of the person being interviewed. The content should include sections referring to education, job skills, personality, career, and personal information that may influence the hiring. This assessment should be a basic table or chart with room for comments underneath each section. The content of the assessment form is solely determined by the wants and needs of the company hiring new employees. It should also contain a section for side notes that the interviewer believes may be beneficial to the hiring process. This sample interview assessment form is for a company hiring a new receptionist. The company titled Front Door Worldwide is looking for someone who is educated, friendly, and good with computers. The form will cover all of the basic desires that the company has for a new employee, as well as additional comments by the interviewer named Frederick Hasajobe.

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