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In a highly economical world, employers want to make sure that the people they are hiring maintain a satisfactory level of performance while working. The job performance assessment is a practical means of measuring employee standards in the workplace and a valuable tool for employers and supervisors. It can be used in a wide range of business environments and for any level employee in the company. A job performance assessment should begin with a general outline of pertinent employee details, including name, position and length of time with the company. The assessment is split into rows of general work performance factors and columns measuring performance on a scale of one to five. It then includes an area of goal achievements for the employee, as well as employee strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement, followed by an overall assessment based on the ratings. At the end is a space for the employee to comment after reviewing the assessment, and then signature spaces for the employee, assessor and department head. This sample job performance assessment is a general but thorough outline of how the test should look. It includes all the points the assessor should cover and everything a business needs to perform a generic employee assessment in order to make sure the workplace is being run competently, professionally and responsibly.

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