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Risks in organizations, if they were to occur, could cost the affected company substantially large sums of money. This is why risk assessment has become not just a popular fad, but an integral part of managing an organization. While it takes time, thought and research to be truly effective, the results are well worth the effort. A job risk assessment is a crucial step when identifying and reducing risks associated with the activities of a company. While content varies greatly depending on the industry of the business, the job risk assessment format remains generally the same in most cases. It begins with listing basic facts, including the company name and the nature of business as well as relevant contact information. Getting into the real content, it then assesses the persons at risk, legal requirements, risks and consequences, etc. for each primary hazard listed. The form ends with both the assessor's signature and the department head's signature along with additional comments from each. For a general guideline, this sample job risk assessment has proven useful in a wide spectrum of industries. It is easily customizable and easy to add spaces where necessary. Employers must keep in mind that the principle of the assessment is to identify and evaluate all major possible threats to the organization and use that information to take countermeasures against them. This process is meant to ultimately reduce risk in the company so it should be treated seriously in order to reap the most out of it.

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