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A job satisfaction questionnaire can be used by any employers in both large and small companies to improve their businesses. These types of questionnaires allow employees to have a voice regarding their jobs and how the company is being run, and they give employers information about areas where job stress is high and satisfaction is low. When employers spend time ensuring that their employees are satisfied, they show that they are good leaders and take pride in their company. This increases job satisfaction and encourages employees to take pride in their work. This document should have questions that are organized in a logical format. Typically, the job satisfaction questionnaire format consists of a chart with a list of statements and options for employees to disagree or agree with each statement. On most questionnaires, underneath the charts are options for employees to give personal feedback to a selection of questions. The questionnaire should include contact information for someone at the business, in a larger company this would be someone in the personnel or human resources department, a smaller company will usually chose a supervisor or manager. This contact person can accept completed forms, and answer any questions an employee may have. The example here is from a manufacturing company that values its employee’s thoughts and opinions. Completed questionnaires are used to evaluate how effective supervisors and managers are in running the company and what policies and procedures may need to be addressed and changed. This job satisfaction questionnaire takes the employee’s opinion into high consideration.

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