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Job Satisfaction Survey
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A job satisfaction survey can be used to determine how happy workers are with the job they are doing within a company. That way, transfers can be initiated if the survey indicates that certain individuals would be a better fit for another department. If transfers are not possible, then information included on the survey can be used to implement changes that would improve working conditions. A job satisfaction survey asks employees to rate certain aspects of their job according to how well they enjoy their work. It is not intended to assess current working conditions, which means that it should avoid asking questions as to whether management values their employees or treats them fairly. It begins with questions that are rated on a scale of one through five based upon how strongly an individual agrees with a particular statement, and then has room for comments at the end of the form. This job satisfaction survey is being given by the Human Resources department of a manufacturing facility. This factory has openings in several different departments, and plans to do some hiring soon. The purpose of this form is to determine whether or not certain employees might benefit from transferring departments in order to fill these positions before hiring from the outside begins.

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