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When a company is looking for outside management consulting, it is important to pick a consultant or agency whom they have established a relationship with. A management consulting proposal should be written only after a foundation has been laid between the two parties. The proposal will prove the consultant has a deep understanding of the client’s needs and provide a clear plan and process for meeting them. Specifically defining objectives and clearly stating payment terms should be the top goals in the proposal. A management consulting proposal must include background for the project, project scope, business objectives, deliverables, process and payment. The proposal should begin with a summary and end with the next step in the process. While contact details should be already established, it is important to include them After multiple meetings, CV Consulting and Management have put together this proposal to be reviewed by their potential client, BistroServer. BistroServer is looking for help in opening a secondary location. The terms of the proposal are already loosely agreed on; the management consulting proposal sample is merely formalizing these discussions. The next step will be to iron out final details and sign a contract.

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