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Having a business proposal is important when pitching a new idea to possible investors. A marketing business proposal takes the concept one step further by focusing on how the business will be marketed. In other words, this proposal specifically highlights how the business will become profitable, what tactics will be used, and how any investment money will be used. This is a very useful part of any start-up launch. The format for this kind of proposal will follow most business proposals; it just has a different emphasis which is on marketing instead of the basic concept of the business. This proposal will lay out the target market and then move right into marketing specifics. The marketing business proposal will include pricing, distribution, sales strategy, promotion ideas, competition, and list any marketing research. Each of these items should be laid out in a logical order and should conclude with the appropriate contact information for the next step. For this marketing business proposal example, the start-up company DynamicFrame has written up this proposal for possible investors who want more information. DynamicFrame is a start-up that has focused on learning games for mobile devices. This sample shows how DynamicFrame plans to market their games and get revenue. These ideas should hopefully hook an investor or maybe even provoke them into giving the company feedback on different marketing approaches.

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