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A mental health survey is performed in order to accurately assess a person’s current mental or emotional state. It is important in that the answers given on this survey will largely determine the type of treatment that person receives. This survey also helps to identify those who are having suicidal thoughts or suffer from drug or alcohol addiction so that they can be referred to a treatment center if necessary. The content of a mental health survey will include questions about recent life-changing events as well as specific questions about one’s mental health. Point values will be assigned to every answer in order for doctors to determine a person’s mental state. This form does contain some demographic information about the person taking it; however, the answers given are intended to be confidential in nature. In this sample, a psychiatric nurse is giving this mental health survey to a patient who has just arrived at a mental health clinic. This individual claims to be suffering from depression, and cites a number of different factors as the cause of this.

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