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A binding nanny contract between the parents and the nanny eliminates areas of ambiguity and helps to clarify expectations. Although it is not required, a well-written contract helps protect the family and the person providing the child care services. The nanny can easily refer back to the contract until the expectations of the parents become second nature. The nanny contract format is easily adapted to suit the specific needs of a family. The contract should include all expectations, such as work hours, pay rates, tax responsibility and driving and living arrangements. In the contract, the parents should be clear about their personal parenting preferences including discipline methods, eating and sleeping schedules and the daily activities they feel are appropriate for their children. The contract should include the wages, working hours and any other information that characterizes the family and nanny relationship. This nanny contract sample covers many of the basics involved in hiring someone to care for your children. It includes space to write instructions as well as general fill-in-the-blank items. It is always a good idea to refer to for information related to tax and employment eligibility laws.

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