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A network design proposal provides information regarding an intranet project. This project usually includes setting up or rewiring an intranet, which is the internal network for a business. The proposal will lay out exactly what the technician will do after analyzing the company’s expectations from the system. Usually, the proposal is drawn up after an interview with the client company on exactly how they plan to use the network. A network design proposal should be made up of four major sections: the feasibility study, network needs analysis, network design and costs. Usually, a number of detailed design documents are attached to the proposal to give the client a visualization of the network. Each of the four sections is broken down into parts to clarify the objective and procedure related to the project. This network design proposal sample shows a technical consulting firm providing an intranet plan for a call center opening a new location. The technician has previously met with the client to establish a basic understanding of the location and network needs, as shown in the proposal. After an agreement is made, the technician describes how he will personally implement the design described in the proposal.

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