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When a product is first released on the market, manufacturers might want to get feedback from consumers. A new product survey could be used to assess the success of a new item. It differs from a new product development questionnaire in that it is given to a broad range of people rather than being targeted toward a test market. The new product survey includes specific questions about a particular product, and may also ask a little bit about a company’s marketing and advertising campaigns. In asking a variety of questions such as these, manufacturers can ensure not only that the product is well received, but that it is being marketed appropriately as well. This survey includes questions that can be a combination of multiple choice, short answer, and those that ask the taker to rate certain criteria on a scale from one through five. In this sample, a company who makes writing instruments has recently released a new ink pen on the market, and is looking to see if it has been successful. The survey is being sent to customers who have recently purchased these pens in stores throughout the country, and participants have the ability to remain anonymous when taking it.

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