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A nursing health assessment is a document that easily ascertains a patient’s ailments. The assessment is a list of conditions, illnesses, and allergies. Nurses use this type of document to quickly evaluate the needs of a patient as well as to calculate the necessity of immediate treatment. This assessment is followed by a basic physical evaluation. The nursing health assessment format varies in form, but sticks to the same basic principles. There are several general areas that this type of assessment focuses upon. The content should begin with a brief patient history so that the nurse may establish previous illnesses, medications, and other medical issues. Another section commonly found in this type of assessment is psychological and socially focused set of questions. This area of the nursing evaluation allows the patient to note hallucinations and delusions and allows caregivers to calculate the patient’s intellectual and emotional states. The primary portion of the assessment should focus on the current medical problem or issue that the patient is having as they enter the medical facility. This section is comprised of questions and lists of ailments to determine the cause of the medical issue. This particular nursing health assessment example will be for a patient, FibraMialga, who is suffering from immense pain. The nurse, HelpaLotapeople, has the patient fill out the form and then continues with a physical examination. It includes a previous medical history section, a pain evaluation section, and then a section dedicated to the nurse’s notes and comments.

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