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Nursing Neurological Assessment
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A nursing neurological assessment is the documentation of a patient’s apparent neurological state. The assessment is used to note and document any neurological damage caused by and illness. This type of assessment is also used to obtain a mental baseline in case an illness affects the brain at a later date. A neurological assessment supplies both nurses and doctors with a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s neurological state. The content of this assessment focuses on several different areas of neurological functions. The nursing neurological assessment format should contain sections on the eyes, motor functions, verbal responses, and reflexes. The eye section of the form should focus on pupil dilation as well as eye and eyelid movement. The motor functions and reflexes should focus primarily on response to pain, limb movement, and bodily reflexes. The section of the assessment dedicated to verbal responses should note all of the patient’s reactions to pain, his or her questions, and his or her general statements during the assessment. This nursing neurological assessment sample is an overview of what is expected in this type of assessment. The patient’s name is Jarvis Nervousness, and he is suffering from continuous headaches and migraines. The nurse on call is named Susan Betterbrain. The assessment will cover the necessary sections for a neurological assessment and includes an area for basic information such as names, times, and dates. Finally, it includes an area for signatures for the nurse, doctors, and any other medical professional needing access to this assessment.

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