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Nursing Patient Assessment
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Nursing organizations generally use a nursing patient assessment to gather initial information about new patients, as it provides a general synopsis of the individuals for whom they will be working. The form should be filled out by the patient or a legal caretaker as well as the nurse who will be servicing him or her, and then it should be signed by both parties. Because the form will be kept on record for the caretaker, a nursing patient assessment format should start with all of the patient's contact and vital health information. This makes it easy for identification and gives a quick summary of patient health status. The nurse must take the vitals (temperature, height, weight, etc.) him or herself and fill out the form in the designated section – usually either to the beginning or at the end. However, the patient or legal guardian may fill out the rest of the form, as it usually includes a physical and mental status assessment, family and educational information, etc., as well as some optional questions. This nursing patient assessment sample form provides an ideal solution for most patient assessment needs in the nursing field. It covers all necessary initial information, provides a useful summary of patient data, and gives insight on services that the patient may desire or need. Essentially, it helps the nurse and/or organization to best serve the patient.

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