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A nursing physical assessment is documentation of a nurse’s physical examination of a patient. The assessment acts as a guideline for the patient’s medical needs and current condition. This type of document also allows for the doctor to be familiar with the patient and his or her current medical needs. The form also acts as documentation for the patient’s visit and the steps the nurse took for his or her personal care. The content of this particular assessment should be extremely straightforward and professional. The nursing physical assessment format should include the basic measurements for the patient, weight, height, age, as well as the methods the nurse uses to assess his or her condition. These methods include taking a temperature, measuring blood pressure, etc. The content should also include the nurse’s assessment of the patient’s demeanor, appearance, and notations of what the patient is saying about his or her illness. An important section for this assessment is the annotation of symptoms. This nursing physical assessment sample is an overview of what is essential to this type of document. The example is between a patient, Hugo Whining, and his nurse, Mable Bluescrubs. Mr. Whining has an unknown ailment, but is certainly not short for symptoms and signs of illness. Mable Bluescrubs notes all of his symptoms and fills out the nurses’ physical assessment form as proper as she can. The sample includes a section for noting symptoms, the patient’s temperature and measurements, as well as a note and a comments section.

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