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Office Ergonomic Assessment
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Because it is important for employers to ensure that their employees are protected from pain, discomfort and even possible injury associated with the improper use or setup of office equipment, an office ergonomic assessment is often peformed by employers. Essentially, this is a checklist that helps employers determine whether or not office chairs, computer screens, keyboards and more are positioned in such a way that injuries and discomfort can be avoided. Though often used as a self-test, the office ergonomic assessment format generally begins with the subject's name, employment and basic contact information so that the test can be passed up to and reviewed by management. It then gets into the actual evaluation of different areas in the workspace, including the monitor, keyboard, chair and even other physical items on and around the desk. At the end are usually the employee's signature and the evaluator's signature. The below sample office ergonomic assessment is meant to be conducted by a selected evaluator and then shown to management and stored for reference. It covers all of the basic ergonomic tests in a computer workplace environment and provides space for the evaluator to make suggestions for improvement at the end of each section. In the format of questions with “Yes” or “No” check boxes, this assessment is among the most organized and quickly readable of its kind.

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