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An online shopping survey is performed by an online retailer in an effort to determine how well people are able to interact with their website. As such, it is typically given in electronic format so that users can complete it as soon as they are finished making a transaction. It can either be accessed through the retailer’s website, or could be emailed to select individuals who have indicated a willingness to participate. This survey should be straightforward and to the point. It will typically consist of multiple-choice or yes/no questions that are relatively easy to give rather than ones that would require people to do a great deal of typing. They are also very short, as most people will not take the time to fill out an online survey such as this if it is too lengthy or has complicated questions. Thus, the online shopping survey format needs to be incredibly simple. A jewelry retailer has recently launched a new website, and sales managers are interested to learn how user-friendly it is so that modifications can be made if needed. This survey can be taken anonymously, and is completely voluntary. Those who wish to participate would simply click a button on the shop’s home page in order to be directed to the survey, which would take between three and five minutes to complete.

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