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The primary purpose of an online survey questionnaire is to acquire information from a target demographic in an online setting for the purpose of improving products, services and the ways in which they are provided to the public. The information that is being acquired can vary based upon the service or product upon which the survey is based. All of the questions should be organized in a logical manner, be very specific to the industry and the targeted demographic, and serve the purpose of helping the surveyor collect the information he or she needs. In the online survey questionnaire, it is important to include name, race, location, age, and general interests. Having this information available will allow your survey company to construct a database of participants which may be suitable to answer your specific survey questions. The initial questions in this online survey questionnaire sample are to be answered by the applicant, and they will allow you to find suitable participants by finding their likes, dislikes and personal habits in order to gauge whether or not they will relate to the questions of your survey.

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