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Partnership Business Agreement
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A partnership business agreement is a document that is agreed upon by all parties in a business partnering situation. This document lays out the terms of the agreement. It is a legal document that protects all parties involved in a business partnership and ensures that they are aware of the agreement terms. Anyone considering partnering in a business should ensure that an agreement of this nature is signed by all members. The partnership business agreement format provides the terms of the situation in a clear, concise, easily-read manner. Agreement sections should include basic partnership info, contributions, interest and authority, finances, withdrawal, dissolution, amendments, and dispute resolution. There should be a section for partners to sign and date the agreement. Each partner should have their own copy. This is a partnership business agreement sample for a new company. The owner is creating a partnership to help get his business off the ground, so to make everything clear and legal, he draws up an agreement that lays out the terms.

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