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Pediatric Nursing Assessment
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A pediatric nursing assessment is a form that allows nurses to evaluate and treat children. The guardian or parent completes this assessment on behalf of the child. After the assessment is completely filled out, the nurse may then perform a physical examination of the child. This type of assessment allows for nurses to calculate the immediacy of treatment, as well as understand previous medical history. The pediatric nursing assessment consists of several sections. The first section of the form should consist primarily of insurance information, contact information, and a brief medical history for the child. The content of this assessment should also include the current physical, psychological, and emotional state of the child being treated. Another section of the document, since the child may not be able to aptly describe the pain or ailment, should focus on the past twenty-four hours of the child’s behavior. The nurse, after reading the document, will then conduct a physical evaluation and fill out the last section of the assessment. The following pediatric nursing assessment example contains information provided by Greg Mykidsick for his son, Jerold. It includes a brief medical history of the child, contact information, and the current state of the child. Jerold is suffering from constipation and is two years-old. The nurse taking care of Jerold is Martha Giveshots. The sample also includes a section for the nurse’s notes and observations of the child.

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