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Different events have different kinds of performers, but most of them use the same general performance contract. This contract stipulates the terms and payment for performing at a given event, whether it is for a band, comedian, magician, or almost any other sort of entertainer. This contract begins with a presentation of who the performers are and what event they will be performing at. Pay rate is discussed, and a cancellation policy is included as part of the performance contract. The bulk of the contract is designed with two goals in mind. First, the compensation of all performers should be clearly outlined. Second, the date should be held by both parties to ensure that there are no potential conflicts. If the performers have any technical needs at the event, these should also be addressed in the contract. This sample is drawn up under the assumption that a band will be playing at an event such as a wedding reception or birthday party. You will find that this performance contract sample is quite flexible and can be modified to suit a variety of different needs.

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