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One of the very first things trainers will do when they meet with new clients is perform a personal trainer assessment. The assessment makes it possible to judge the client’s current physical fitness. The trainer uses the information to customize a training program. Clients should expect to be pushed to their physical limits during their assessment tests. The assessment also works as a trial period to determine if the trainer and client have compatible personalities. The majority of personal trainers favor a combination personal trainer assessment format that is part questionnaire and part checklist. Trainers use the checklist portion to record the client’s current physical fitness. The questionnaire portion of the form contains information about the long term and short term goals the client has regarding physical fitness levels. The assessment will be stored in the clients’ records and will be used as a benchmark to allow the clients to see how far they have progressed during training. This personal trainer assessment sample is part checklist and part questionnaire. Personal trainers will ask their clients to provide a series of different exercises and will record the information on the assessment form. The second part of the form is a questionnaire which the client and trainer will discuss. Goals, commitment, and compatibility will have to be discussed during the assessment process.

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