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A personality test assessment is a document that generalizes personalities based on question answers. The assessment summarizes characteristics as well as problem solving approaches. These assessments are great for job interviews in the sense that they allow the company hiring to ascertain whether a person is organized, competitive, etc. This type of assessment can give the employer insight into the personalities of potential employees. The content of a personality test assessment should be very simple. The format is based upon the principles and personal psychologies of the author. The content should consist of a series of basic questions. Personal questions such as “Are you a part of a large group or organization?” and “Do you prefer reading a book or going to a party?” are a big portion of this assessment. Career related questions such as “Is your desk normally neat?” and “Do you hate being late for appointments?” can also be applied to the content of this assessment. The answers are normally “yes or no” or “true or false”. This sample is a basic overview of what the personality test assessment should look like. The author is a mother of three named Margret Mamakids who is creating a test for individuals interviewing to be her live-in nanny. The sample contains questions about hygiene as well as organization. It will also include basic personality questions so that the mother of three can assess the type of person she is interviewing. The mother of three is looking for an organized, outgoing, and active individual to watch her children, so she is looking for answers that will prioritize liveliness.

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