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When you are trying to hire a new employee, you will often get hundreds of resumes and applications for one position. Once you have narrowed down the resumes, there are often still too many to be able to efficiently interview them all. You can send them a pre interview questionnaire to learn more about their abilities and experiences, along with how well they might fit in the company culture. Once you have more information, you can further narrow down the applicants to those you will bring in for an interview. These forms are made to learn more about the applicant than you can easily discover through cover letters, resumes and recommendations. However, the pre interview questionnaire format includes general information at the beginning. Then, you will want to include questions about the strengths and weaknesses of an applicant. There should also be questions to see if the applicant will fit in to company's work environment, including questions about motivation and frustration in the workplace. You can also ask questions about how soon they can start, their salary needs, and when they are available for interviews. When a major advertising company, Ads for You, added an office in a new city, they did not have the time to properly interview all the qualified applicants. Their HR department used this pre interview questionnaire sample to narrow down the field. They were able to find the top candidates without wasting time on unnecessary interviews.

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