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When new products are in the planning stage, it can be difficult to determine how well they will be received once manufacturing begins. For this reason, manufacturers often select certain individuals to try out the product ahead of time, and then complete a product development survey about their experiences. In fact, the entire purpose behind allowing people to test new products for free is so that they will provide feedback afterwards. This product development survey includes specific questions about a particular product that is being developed. There will be a series of questions asking users to rate certain criteria on a scale from one to five, and then there will be room for comments at the end. That way, individuals will be able to clarify some of their responses or provide specific information that they think will be helpful. There can also be short answer or yes/no questions as part of the survey. Happy Feet, a shoe manufacturer, has just developed a new athletic shoe for men, and has asked a few active fitness professionals to wear this shoe for 30 days in order to evaluate its comfort. The trial period has now ran out, and participants are being asked about their experience.

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