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Many manufacturers ask their customers to take a product satisfaction survey to learn how well their products are being received. That way, changes to the product or its marketing campaign can take place if needed. A product satisfaction survey consists of multiple choice and short answer questions. Multiple-choice questions can be somewhat general in nature, while the short answer questions are more specific. That’s because short answer questions are designed to solicit information about an individual’s personal experience with a particular product. Personal information does not need to be included, as this survey is normally taken anonymously. The survey should only have a few questions so that people will not become frustrated while taking it. The owner of a beauty salon who also makes her own shampoo for sale to her customers is the creator of this product satisfaction survey. The shampoo has been available for some time; however, sales of it have recently dropped. As a result, the shop owner wants to make sure the quality of her shampoo is still good and she hopes to eliminate quality as a factor in declining sales.

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