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A professional service agreement is a contract drafted by a company or individual that is hiring an outside contractor to perform duties for which he or she is individually qualified. Most of these agreements pertain to technical, exclusive, or unusual tasks that all require a knowledgeable professional. This type of agreement dictates all of the expectations of the professional being hired, as well as the expectations of the company. The content should include a detailed description of the services that are to be provided. The agreement should include the form of payment, the date of payment or payments, as well as the length of time the service provider has to accomplish the tasks requested. The content should also include all of the pertinent information of all of the parties involved. It is also necessary for the professional service agreement format to include what precautions are to be taken if the service is unsatisfactory or the relationship between the company and the service provider is terminated. This professional service agreement includes a description of the services to be provided, expectations of both parties, and the conditions of time and payment. It also includes specifics as to what would happen if the services are unsatisfactory.

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