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A radio advertising proposal is a document laying out options to buy air time on a radio station. The radio station sends the proposal to potential clients explaining benefits of advertising with their specific channel or show and details of what an advertising campaign would include. Often, the proposal is made for a specific customer and tailored to their exact business and needs. The radio advertising proposal has two essential parts. The first part is the “sell”, or what makes this radio station unique; in other words it is why the customer should advertise with them. This includes the number of listeners and any demographic information the station house. The second part of the proposal should be specifics, such as how long commercials would go, how many times the ad is played and, of course cost. This radio advertising proposal sample is from a local FM station called KRLM, soliciting a possible contract with a car dealership. The dealership has already expressed interest in a radio advertisement. This proposal will be more about having a written description of the advertising campaign than looking for interest. After selecting an option, the radio station and dealership can move into a formal contract.

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