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Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
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Before anyone can accurately and appropriately invest their money, a financial advisor will need to ask some questions in order to determine their risk tolerance. The risk tolerance questionnaire is important for helping advisors learn the amount of risk that their clients are willing to take. It also helps in discovering other bits of information that can help ensure that funds are invested wisely. The risk tolerance questionnaire format will begin with questions about the client’s current financial situation. It will also ask about their goals for investing their money along with the amount of time that the money can remain invested. Additionally, it will ask questions that will help in deciding how much clients can risk when it comes to making such investments. It will also cover things such as the client’s feelings toward both short-term and long-term investments. A small investment firm, Hawkeye Investments for Life, provides a full service financial planning and portfolio investment for its clients. In order to offer the best service, they have all new clients fill out this risk tolerance questionnaire. It enables the account managers to know which investments will work best with which clients, along with how to accurately build the various portfolios.

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