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The roommate contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties who share a common dwelling. This dwelling may be a dorm room, an apartment building or any other structure where the parties to the contract reside. A roommate contract is not required by law; however, it helps protect the interest s of all parties. In addition, it helps clarify expectations before the parties sign a legal rental contract. The roommate contract format spells out the financial, social and personal aspects of sharing a space with another individual. It should include the legal information related to the rental contract between the property owner and the renters and detail the financial obligations of each party. Since roommates do not always share the same habits and lifestyles, a good contact includes specifics related to daily living, such as cleaning chores, the use of common spaces and overnight guests. This roommate contract sample is designed for 2 to 4 roommates. It includes the statement “legally binding” and “binding agreement” to protect the interest of all parties, including the property owner. In the event one of the renters defaults on the contract, the remaining renter(s) will have a written agreement to bolster their attempts at damage recovery.

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