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Safety Contract
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Whether drawn up for a school, a daycare, or another organization where the safety of children is paramount, a safety contract is a good way of making sure that the children in your care know exactly how to stay out of danger. This contract is often used in scientific lab experiments, special school projects, and daycare services that are located near a construction site or other potential danger. The contract will make sure that children are safe and well-informed. This contract is often accompanied by an educational document that outlines the important safety procedures that children will need to be aware of. The safety contract itself is an affirmation that the child has read and understood all of the procedures and potential hazards outlined. The child’s parents or guardians are also required to sign a section in order to confirm that they is aware of the dangers the child may face and that they give their consent to allow their child to take part in a particular project or service. This indicates an understanding of the situation among both the child and parent while also protecting the organization from potential liability. This form is a school contract that is attached to a scientific lab that a student will be taking part of. Note that this safety contract sample doesn't specifically go over all the dangers of the lab. That is part of the supplementary materials handed out, while the contract itself is simply an affirmation that the student and parents have read that information.

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