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Most businesses rely on sales. If an employee consistently fails to make monthly sales quotas, the sales manager will use a sales skills assessment in an attempt to identify the problem. The sales assessment can be a useful tool when training new skills or determining which associate should be promoted. The assessment should be done at least once a year. Some companies like to use an assessment to help determine how much training a job applicant needs. The sales skills assessment format preferred by most employers has always been the questionnaire style. The questions asked on the questionnaire can be very direct or they can be broader in scope. The purpose of each question will be to make the individual taking the assessment think about what he or she does while pitching a product as well as changes that could be made to lead to an increase in sales. Managers will want to compare the sales associate's assessment with the manager’s assessment to get a clearer picture. This sales skills assessment sample was used by an employer during the interview process and it could just have easily been used to assess a current member of the sales team. Questions can be modified to address a specific problem the sales manager has noticed. The most important thing managers need to remember when creating questions for the questionnaire will be asking things that make the salesperson really think about the selling process. After the salesperson has completed the questionnaire, the employee should meet with the manager to discuss the answers.

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