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When a student heads off to college, scholarships are one of the best forms of financial aid to earn. They are not loans, so the student won’t have to pay them off years down the road. A scholarship is merit-based money given freely to a student so that he or she can unlock the full potential within. In cases where a scholarship is given, it is usually accompanied by a scholarship contract which outlines the amount provided and the requirements of keeping it. A typical contract of this type outlines the total amount awarded, the effective date of the award, and what the scholarship can be used for. The scholarship contract usually includes other guidelines for maintaining the award. In the case of an academic scholarship, for example, the student will be expected to remain enrolled in college and to have a specific grade point average (GPA) that must be met on a semester by semester basis. The consequences of failure to meet the terms of the contract are also outlined, usually beginning with a warning period and then the removal of the scholarship funds if the problem persists. This sample outlines an academic scholarship provided to a student from that student’s college of choice and focuses mostly on academic achievement. An athletic scholarship would replace some of the clauses about academic performance with physical health and athletic dedication.

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