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Solar Power Purchase Agreement
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A solar power purchase agreement is an agreement by several parties to install, use, and maintain solar energy panels. The agreement consists of the agreement between the solar power provider and the panel installation company, as well as the company, government agency, or university using the solar panels on their building. The purchase agreement can also be used to file for Green Power tax benefits. The solar power purchase agreement format should cover all of the necessary parameters involved in the installation and maintenance of the solar energy source. The content should include the details of the installation process, the details of the maintenance agreement, the logistics of power source and use and the details of ownership. Other necessary components to the purchase agreement are the payment method and the intended duration of use. The purchase agreement should also state the importance of solar power as a green energy source. This solar power purchase agreement sample is between three different entities - the energy provider, the solar panel designer / installation company, and the “host” business that the solar panels will be placed upon. This sample includes the payment agreement between the energy provider and the installation company. It also states the terms of use between the “host” and the energy provider. The agreement also dictates the period of time the solar energy source will be used, the maintenance agreement, and the terms of being a green energy source.

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