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Technology Skills Assessment
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The purpose of a technology skills assessment is to ensure that all employees know how to use a company's technological assets. Based on the results, the company will know if any employees need additional training. Sometimes after running the assessment, companies realize it is time to update their equipment. Running the assessment helps keep the company ahead of the competition. Managers have to put each employee through the assessment process. They watch how the employee handles the equipment used during the employee’s work day. Using a checklist technology skills assessment format, the manager will be able to keep notes on how well the employee uses each piece of equipment. After testing each employee, the manager compares the results of the entire staff. If everyone was marked unsatisfactory on one of the skills tested, a training program will have to be created. This technology skills assessment sample will be easy for managers to use during the testing process. When the employee completes an assignment, the manager makes a check mark next to the task if it was done satisfactorily. There is room for the manager to make comments. Since every person in the department needs to be assessed one by one, the manager should only plan on running one or two assessments per day. This particular assessment was performed on an employee who worked as a receptionist in a dental office.

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