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Web Design Client Questionnaire
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A web design client questionnaire is created to provide the website developer and the client with a clear picture of what the website needs to be like as a whole. The website must be attractive to the audience that it wishes to target and the website must be a source of pride for the business. Overall, the document sets the tone for the contract between the client and the business building their website. The questions should be straightforward and it should also be thought provoking for the client. Some clients may have an idea of what they want their website to look like and how they want it to function; others may not have any idea of what they want from their website aside from attracting customers. The web design client questionnaire should provide a lot of direction for the web design team and may also allow the client to glean a better understanding of what they should expect from web design. This web design client questionnaire example is from a web design company to a new client. It is an opportunity for the client to explain exactly what they are looking for, and it gives the web design company a reference to use while building the website.

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