Christmas Party Invitations

Download free printable invitation templates for all Christmas parties

Creating and sending out invitations is one of the first tasks on the Christmas party hosting checklist, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right graphics and wording. You already have plenty of distractions this time of year – designing an invitation card from scratch doesn’t have to be one of them.

To help you make attention-grabbing Christmas party invitations, here’s a quick guide and 14 free invitation templates.

Invitation Wording

The invitation wording sets the tone for your holiday party. Include a short and sweet message that introduces the event and lets guests know what to expect. Keep the wording relevant to your party theme and appropriate for the guest list.

Stumped for the right words? Here are a few cheerful Christmas party invitation wording ideas to get your guests in the holiday spirit:

  • Try out a Christmas rhyme to reveal some fun facts about the holiday party. Here’s an example for a gingerbread cookie exchange:
    Assemble your gum drops
    and get your best cookies made,
    Bring your favorites this Christmas
    And let’s make a trade!
  • Quote a popular Christmas movie that guests will recognize. For a Grinch-mas party, try this quote:
    Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.
    Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.
  • Incorporate lines from your favorite Christmas carol.
    Deck the halls with boughs of holly
    ‘Tis the season to be jolly
    Come to our holiday party!
  • Make your employees laugh by adding humor to an office Christmas party invitation. Try these funny Christmas invitation wording samples.
    We mustache you a question. Can you attend our Christmas party?
  • If you have a diverse guest list, print “Happy Holidays” on the invitation card in the different languages represented.
    Happy Holidays!
    Joyeuses Fêtes!
    Felices Fiestas!
    Li Holide Eximnandi!
    Jie Ri Yu Kuai!
  • Offer gratitude for your guests with a simple and sweet message:
    To celebrate the holiday season with fellow employees and good holiday cheer,
    we’re planning a dinner to end the year!

Hook your guests in with one of these festive messages. Then, transition into the party details (date, location, RSVP, etc.) with a phrase such as, “We cordially invite you,” or, “You’re invited….”

Tips for Making an Impression

Once you’ve decided on a party theme, booked a venue, and secured the date, plug the specifics into your invitation template. Be sure to include important details such as RSVP specifics, dress code, start and end time, and whether spouses or children are welcome to attend.

Make it clear on the invitation if your party has a theme you’d like guests to follow. If you’re throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party, a black-tie Christmas cocktail party, or a glitz-and-glam New Year’s Eve party, indicate the party theme and dress code on the invitation so guests can prepare.

Also, include information about holiday games or activities you’d like guests to participate in. The invitation should tell people if they need to bring a gift for a white elephant gift exchange or baked goods for a Christmas cookie exchange.

During the holiday season, people can be bombarded with Christmas celebrations. Let the invitation card entice your friends to enjoy a merry Christmas with you! Include a personal, creative touch so guests don’t easily forget about your party.

Here are a few tips to make your Christmas party invitation memorable:

  • For an office Christmas party, secure each envelope with a customized company logo seal. (This will impress the bigwigs, too!)
  • Include a photo montage of the people attending your holiday party, whether it be your family, friends, employees, or church members.
  • On the invitation card, ask guests to bring a batch of holiday cookies or their favorite holiday recipe to share.

You can also make an impression by getting creative with your invitation delivery. When sending your Christmas party invitations, try one of the following ideas to immediately get people excited about your event:

  • Dress up as Santa or another festive character and hand-deliver the invitations.
  • Tape a candy cane to the invitation card as a teaser for your candy cane cocktail recipe.
  • Add holiday music to your email invitation.

Invitation timing is important as the busy holiday season gets going. Aim to get your invitations out about one month before the event. It’s also a great time to work on your resume template.

Free Christmas Invitation Templates

Make holiday party planning easy on yourself by using our free customizable and printable Christmas invitation templates. The Christmas party invitations we offer simplify the design process with festive colors, graphics, and wording options for any party theme.

Whether you’re throwing a Christmas cocktail party or an ugly Christmas sweater party, our templates are great for any holiday party theme. Simply download one of our free templates, customize it to suit your party idea, and either print it out or save it as a PDF to email your guests.