Free Printable Rent Receipt Templates

Which rent receipt template to choose, what information to include, and free examples in Word and PDF

As a landlord or property manager, you likely already know that providing a rent receipt is highly recommended and even required in some states. However, knowing which rent receipt template to choose and what information to include on it can prove to be challenging and perhaps even overwhelming. Using the information and free rent receipt templates below as your guide can help you find and even customize the right option for both you and your tenants.

Also referred to as rental invoices, rental receipts are forms used to record payments made for rent, and serve as an important recordkeeping tool. Once a rental agreement is signed, both parties are legally obligated to honor the terms listed. Included in these terms is the payment of rent by the tenant. Having a rent receipt documents when this obligation is met.

Rental Receipts for Landlords

While there are different rules and regulations among states and countries regarding rent receipts, it is always good practice for landlords to provide them to tenants. In the U.S., many states require landlords to provide tenants with rent receipts, free of charge, whenever they are requested. This rule may also apply to previous tenants who can request receipts within one year of having moved out.

You will need to review your state or country’s laws to verify if providing a receipt is mandatory or required only upon request by the tenant. Failure to provide rental receipts when it is required by law can result in the filing of complaints by the tenants to local authorities, and fines being assessed against you. Also note that, if you provided a rent receipt for a tenant’s check that was returned uncashed for any reason, you may still pursue collecting that rent.

Do’s for Providing Rental Receipts to Tenants

  • Provide rental receipts if/as required by law in your country or state
  • Keep each receipt for your records and in a safe place, if necessary
  • Use a rent receipt template to help ensure all required and necessary information is complete and accurate

Don’ts for Providing Rental Receipts to Tenants

  • Provide rental receipts prior to payment being made
  • Fail to sign and/or include company’s official stamp
  • Omit the remaining balance due when providing a receipt for periodic payments

Rental Receipts for Tenants

Just like you receive receipts for everyday purchases, such as groceries and gas, it is just as important, if not more so, that you receive a receipt from your landlord or property management company for payment of your rent. For most individuals, your monthly rent is one your highest expenditures, so being able to document proof of payment is important for many financial reasons. In addition, requesting a rent receipt is not only a wise financial move, it may be one of your tenant rights, depending on the state you live in.

Do’s for Receiving Rental Receipts from Your Landlord

  • Immediately request a copy of your rental receipt once payment is made
  • Keep a copy of each receipt for your records and in a safe place
  • Ensure that all required and necessary information is complete and accurate

Don’ts for Receiving Rental Receipts from Your Landlord

  • Accept rental receipts from unauthorized parties
  • Forget to request additional items that are included in your rental payment be itemized to avoid disputes (e.g. utilities, cable, etc.)
  • Wait to have any errors or inaccuracies corrected

Benefits of Keeping Your Rent Receipts

Keeping your rental receipts is important for:

  • Verifying payments, particularly those made in cash. No matter how you make your rental payments, receipts should be provided and kept. However, rental receipts are especially important for tenants who pay in cash, since aside from receiving a cash receipt there is no other paper trail.
  • Tax credit– Some states provide tax credits for renters. Having your rental receipts ensures you can verify that payments were made, making your tax credit easier to claim in the event additional documentation is needed.
  • Credit reporting– Reporting rental payments that have been made on time and in full can help raise your credit score and demonstrate to lenders that you are trustworthy in paying your debts.
  • Rental history– When reviewing tenant applications, few factors are more important to landlords than your rental history. Having your rental receipts can help show that you have a positive payment history or can help you to dispute discrepancies that may appear on your credit report.
  • Dispute settlement– In the event there is a discrepancy regarding your rental payments (e.g. late, partial or no payment disputes), having a copy of rental receipts can help sort out and avoid possible issues, including late fees, evictions, and negative reports on your credit.
Help! I Am Unable to Obtain a Rental Receipt

In cases where your landlord or property management company state they are unable to provide you with copies of rent receipts, it’s important that you verify whether they are legally obligated to do so. In the event you are unable to obtain a rental receipt, it is important that you explore other means of documenting your payments, such as:

  • Making a copy of your canceled checks, or requesting copies from your bank
  • Keeping a copy of your bank statements, showing either a digital version of the physical check or the check number, amount, and date it cleared your account
  • Keeping the stub from money orders and cashier’s checks
  • Using an online payment portal/system or rent receipt template you provide, if your landlord agrees

Information to Include on Rental Receipts

While the details provided on rental receipts may vary, the following information should always be included:

  • Date of Payment
  • Amount of Payment
  • Name of Landlord (or name of the company)
  • Signature of Landlord or Manager
  • Tenant’s Name (and name of person who paid the rent, if different from the tenant)
  • Tenant’s Address
  • Rental Period

Other items that may be included on your rental invoice form may include:

  • Method of payment (cash, credit card, money order, cashier’s check)
  • Services or other fees included in the payment (e.g. utilities, security deposits, convenience fees)
  • “Received by” for situations where someone other than the landlord receives payment
  • “Paid by” for situations where invoices are paid for by someone other than the tenant

Rent Receipt Books vs. Rent Receipt Templates

Wondering whether you should you purchase a rent receipt book or use a rent receipt template? If so, here a few pros and cons to consider for both:

Rent Receipt Book

  • Can be purchased at retailers ranging from dollar stores to office supplies stores
  • Does not require technical knowledge or Internet access
  • Easy to access and use
  • If lost or damaged, you may lose all copies
  • Difficult, if not impossible, to organize individual receipts without detaching
  • Unable to customize

Rent Receipt Template

  • Copies can be saved online
  • Easy to customize, update and reproduce
  • Accessible by multiple users
  • May require some technical knowledge and Internet access by both landlord/manager and tenant
  • When transitioning or upgrading to another rent receipt software program conversion may be glitchy or impossible
  • Purchasing software may be required in order to use

Free Rent Receipt Template Examples

Choosing the right rent receipt format for you will depend on several factors, including whether you are:

  • A commercial or residential landlord
  • A commercial or residential tenant
  • A property management company manager
  • Documenting a high number of payments
  • Making or receiving rent payments on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual (or other) basis
  • More comfortable using a printed or a digital form
  • Looking for a standard or customizable form
  • Using a Mac or Windows operating system

The rent receipt templates offered below are free to use and ideal for documentation of:

  • Partial rent payments
  • Rental payments made in different currencies
  • Remaining or outstanding rental balances
  • Private or commercial lease payments
  • Rent payments eligible for tax deduction

These rent receipt templates can be used as-is or customized using Microsoft Word or Excel, Open Office, or Apple Pages or Numbers. Each rent receipt template, except those in Excel format, are also available to download in pdf format.