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Redigere una fattura può creare molta confusione. Cosa bisogna inserire? Le fatture sono legalmente vincolanti? Should I
charge tax? What kind of invoice do I need?

I suggerimenti online non mancano, al contrario, sono troppi. An internet search for “how to make
an invoice”
returns more than 85 million results – some helpful, if you can find them, and
others… not so much.

 Prova con "Guida precisa alla fatturazione". We talked to legal experts, studied authoritative publications, and
made our own extensive independent research, all to make invoicing clear and simple for you. We also
painstakingly prepared 144 professional invoice templates to give you a head start on creating your own,
and all for free! You can also build your resume.

Che cos'è una fattura?

An invoice is a request for payment – a detailed bill – for goods
or services rendered.
The definition, according to Black’s Law

invoice, n. — An itemized list of goods or services
furnished by a seller to a buyer, usually specifying the price and terms of sale; a
bill of costs.

According to the Oxford

invoice, n. — a list of goods sent or services provided, with a
statement of the sum due for these; a bill.

Che differenza c'è tra una fattura e un conto?

Both an invoice and a bill are demands for payment of goods or services but they carry slightly
different connotations as you can see in these Merriam-Webster Dictionary definitions:

an itemized account of the separate cost of goods sold, services performed, or work
done: invoice
an itemized list of goods shipped usually specifying the price and the terms of sale:

“The distinction between these two words is actually more a matter of custom and the business
being transacted”, a professional editor with expertise in etymology, lexicography and
dictionary construction explained.

Ad esempio, un avvocato addebiterà le ore fatturabili. Work that is commissioned often comes with
an invoice. At a restaurant, you get a bill for items already delivered and for which payment
is immediate. From a supplier, you get an invoice for goods ordered or received and for which
payment is expected.

Che differenza c'è tra una fattura e una ricevuta?

Una fattura è una richiesta di pagamento. It is sent by a seller before a product or
service has been paid for.

Una ricevuta è una registrazione di pagamento. It is sent by the seller after the item has
been paid for as proof of purchase.

Come redigere una fattura

It may be hard to believe but there are no
or otherwise - items that must be included on invoices. That is likely due to the fact that invoices
themselves are not considered legal documents.
There are, however, widely accepted “best practices” of what to include, which are aimed at making sure you
get paid by helping your customer or client understand exactly what the bill is for. Incomplete, incorrect,
or unclear invoices could remain unpaid until
questions about them are answered
. Pertanto, è importante inserire:
  • La dicitura "Fattura" bene in vista
  • Il nome della persona o della società che deve pagare
  • Il nome o proprio o della società
  • Il logo
  • Le tue informazioni di contatto
  • Un elenco voce per voce dei beni o servizi forniti con relativi costi
  • Un numero di fattura
  • La data in cui la fattura viene emessa
  • Eventuali oneri aggiuntivi (ad es. spese di spedizione, tasse)
  • L'importo totale dovuto

A helpful way to understand why to include any of those items on your invoice is to turn
the tables: imagine you are the one receiving it.

Di quali informazioni tu avresti bisogno prima di pagare per beni o servizi?

Here are the questions you would likely ask if you received an invoice – and tips on what you can do to
keep your clients or customers from asking the same questions:

Che cos'è?

Put the word “invoice” at the top of the page so you customer knows immediately what they are
looking at.

Chi ha inviato questa fattura e come posso contattarli se ho delle domande?

Include your name or your company name, postal and email address, phone number, and any other
information your customer might need to get in touch with you.

Che cosa mi stanno chiedendo di pagare?

Include a line-item list of the goods provided or services rendered and the cost for each as
earlier agreed upon.

Quando è stata emessa questa fattura?

Includi la data di emissione della fattura.

If I have a question or problem, how will the seller know what invoice I
am asking about?

Assegna a ogni fattura un numero univoco, così può essere facilmente individuata. Puoi
number your invoices
any way that makes it easy for you to keep track of them.

Qual è il conteggio? Quanto devo pagare?

Assicurati che nella fattura ci sia il costo totale e che sia chiaro per l'acquirente.

Come e dove posso pagare questa fattura?

Includi i dettagli e le informazioni necessarie sul modo in cui vuoi essere pagato. Keep in mind, the
easier you are to work with – and pay – the more return customers you will get.

È per me?

Assicurati che la fattura riporti il nome della persona o della società che deve pagare.

La fattura è legittima?

Use a logo if you have one, as it makes you look more professional and it increases your
chances of getting paid by up to 300 percent, according to due.com, an online invoicing and
time-tracking company that
studied 250.000 invoices and their results.

Quanto tempo ho per pagare la fattura?

Non lasciare al cliente il compito di indovinare la scadenza del pagamento. It’s best
to avoid wording like “payable on receipt”
because people often misinterpret that to
mean "pay whenever." Be specific. Indica il numero di giorni che hanno per effettuare il pagamento.

If you use the trading term Net 30– or 10 or 15 or 60 — (the numbers representing the number
of days the client has to pay) or any of the
many other payment terms
, make sure you can afford to wait that many days to be paid.

Cosa sono questi altri oneri indicati?

Be clear and concise in labeling shipping, handling or other fees as well as sales tax or value added tax (VAT) if

 Includi l'imposta sulle vendite per le merci tassabili vendute all'interno dello stato. It's legally required but
complicated because sales
tax rates
, as well as what is considered a taxable
, vary by state and even by cities within a state.

The Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill
that would change that ambiguity by requiring remote (online) sellers to collect and remit
sales taxes
based on where their customers live
, has been languishing in the U.S. House after
being passed overwhelmingly
by the Senate in 2013.

Suggerimenti per farsi pagare più rapidamente

When Freshbooks looked at their data around
invoice payment terms
to learn which wording was best for getting paid on time, main takeaways


Simply saying things such as “please pay on time” and “thank you for your business” will
increase your chances of getting paid.

Indicazione di
una data di pagamento specifica

Una dicitura come "pagare alla ricezione" da molti clienti spesso viene interpretata come "paga quando puoi".
A more specific “due in 21 days” or “please pay by August 3rd, 2016” is clear and much more

Applicazione di una mora
per i ritardi sui pagamenti

Se decidi di addebitare un interesse per i pagamenti in ritardo, anche in questo caso sii educato. Chose wording
like, "Thank you for your business. Si prega di saldare la fattura entro 21 giorni. There will
be a 1,5 percent interest charge per month on late invoices.”

You can also spare yourself the headache of chasing down payments by agreeing on
a time frame with your client before you even start work or provide goods. Experts agree that the
should be raised immediately
and the payment terms agreed upon in advance.

Posso correggere una fattura?

Sì, molto probabilmente, prima o poi, dovrai correggere un errore che hai commesso nella prima fattura.
Whether you forgot to charge for something or forgot to issue a credit, you can send out a revised

Make it clear to your customer that the original bill has been changed, and keep your own records in order
by doing these things:

  • Modifica l'intestazione "Fattura" in "Fattura aggiornata".
  • Modifica la data della fattura aggiornata.
  • Assegna lo stesso numero di fattura, ma aggiungi una "A" alla fine. For instance, invoice 2928 becomes
    invoice 2928R.
  • Metti in evidenza quali oneri sono stati modificati o aggiunti. You can do that by changing the color of
    the font, increasing the size of the font, boldfacing it or underlining it.
  • Modifica l'"importo totale dovuto" e proroga la scadenza, se necessario.
  • Includi una lettera di accompagnamento che spiega quali modifiche sono state apportate.

Modelli di fattura gratis

There are many different invoicing solutions – invoicing software, online invoice makers, CRM… But if you
are a small or a medium-sized company and don’t issue many invoices, a simple invoice template is much
easier and quicker (not to mention it’s free).

Full control of the way your
document looks
If you already know how to work
with Microsoft Office, there is no learning curve
È gratis per sempre

Creare una fattura da zero può richiedere molto tempo. Making tables, aligning components, choosing
proper fonts and colors, creating formulas to get your data automated… That's a lot of work! Good
news is, we've done all the donkey work. Our samples provide basic structure and layout, so all you
have to do is fill out the blanks.

Di seguito troverai 144 modelli di fattura gratis:

38 modelli di fattura vuoti generici: neutri e
tradizionali, eleganti e professionali
(19 in MS Word e 19 in Excel)
106 modelli di fattura per usi specifici

Modelli di fattura vuoti in Word

Word formato taccuino

35217 download

Word particolareggiato

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Banker Blues Word

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Modelli di fattura vuoti in Excel

Excel con riquadri delle intestazioni

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Excel moderno e minimalista

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Waterfall Excel

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Fatture proforma

A proforma invoice, also known as a preliminary invoice, is a quotation of what the proposed goods
or services will be and what they will cost. It includes all the details of the buyer and seller,
as well as descriptions of the goods involved in the transaction. If everything in the proforma
invoice is agreed upon, the commercial invoice that will follow will be the same. If the amount or
cost of the goods or services is renegotiated, the commercial invoice will reflect those changes.

Continua per vedere 8 modelli di fattura proforma.

Fatture commerciali

Una fattura commerciale è il documento a cui comunemente si fa riferimento con il semplice termine "fattura". Also called a sales
invoice, a billing invoice, or a purchase invoice, it provides all the details of the transaction
between the seller and the buyer.

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Fatture per liberi professionisti

A freelance invoice is designed to be used by people providing work in fields such as graphic
design, photography, copywriting, computer programming, website design and development, consulting,
video production, and translation. Although it is much like a service invoice, it offers ways to
charge for services arrived at through different measures. For instance, freelancers could charge
by the word, by the number of images, or by the length of a finished product.

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Fatture per il settore fotografico

Essentially same as freelance invoice templates but made with typical photographer billing
scenarios in mind: lump sum, flat rate, itemized, hourly, with or without licensing. 4 layouts,
each in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Continua per vedere 8 fatture per fotografia.

Fatture per servizi

A service invoice is used to bill for professional and non-professional services, such as
consulting, child care, or tutoring. Non può essere utilizzata per beni materiali. It is
useful to reflect different services that are billed at different rates or partially billed.

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Ricevute di affitto

A rent receipt, also called a rental invoice, is given by a landlord to a tenant as a record of
rent received. Although not legally required in every state, it is a good idea to provide one in
the event of a dispute.

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