• what is a functional resume?
  • Cos'è un curriculum funzionale?

    Skills and achievements are the focal points in a functional resume. It prioritizes your strengths and accomplishments, and is also known as a skills-based resume. Multiple sections can be dedicated to various skill sets. A brief work history is included, but you can ignore dates and write a list of job titles and employers.

  • advantages
  • Advantages

    • A functional resume can increase your chances of getting an interview, even if you don’t have the exact work experience required for the position, by pairing your qualifications to the job posting.
    • This type of document is perfect for transitioning into a different career track. Vengono infatti valorizzate le capacità, mentre la mancanza di esperienze è meno rilevabile.
    • Functional resumes feature job titles and company names, but don't offer detailed timelines. This hides work gaps for those who have changed jobs frequently or are reentering the workforce.
  • disadvantages
  • Disadvantages

    • A functional resume can play against you with recruiters who assume you are excluding details of your employment history because there’s something to hide.
    • Functional resumes don’t clearly showcase career growth or development in past jobs.
    • This format doesn’t work well in traditional fields, like law or finance, or with conventional firms that look for specific information in the resumes they receive.

Functional Resume Versus Other Formats

To understand if a functional resume is the best fit for you, let's take a look at the other two resume formats. The resume format most appropriate for you will depend on your professional experience and the requirements of the position you're seeking. Keep reading to find out how these resume formats differ and which one is best for you.


A chronological resume concentrates mainly on your work history and the details of the jobs you’ve had. Un curriculum funzionale enfatizza le tue capacità e i tuoi conseguimenti. Tenta di capire se sono le tue capacità oppure le tue precedenti posizioni lavorative a rafforzare il tuo curriculum. Quale aspetto di te sarà più interessante, per i datori di lavoro? If you’re in any of the following situations, read carefully to decide which of these formats is best for you:

  • Position requirements
    If you have the work experience recruiters are looking for, a chronological format can make that clear. Tuttavia, se ritieni di avere le capacità richieste, ma che le stesse siano state acquisite mediante la formazione o delle attività secondarie, piuttosto che attraverso le tue mansioni o la tua esperienza lavorativa, in questo caso, un curriculum funzionale rappresenta la scelta migliore.
  • Changing careers
    A chronological resume is a better way to display progress in your work responsibilities. If you want a job that will keep you in the same career path, this format is great. Conversely, it's hard to identify a timeline of professional growth in a functional resume. Se desideri invece una posizione in un altro ambito, un curriculum funzionale può essere la scelta migliore.
  • Starting a career
    Lack of experience is in plain sight in a chronological layout. If you're a student or have recently graduated, your skills and accomplishments are probably more appealing than your work history. If that's the case, a functional resume is a good choice.
  • Work gaps
    Since functional resumes don't focus on employment dates and positions held, gaps in your work history are less obvious. An experienced recruiter may still notice that extensive work history is missing, so be prepared to address this at your interview.


The combination format uses information from the functional and chronological resume formats. The following points will further help you determine which of the three resume formats you should choose.

  • Focus
    A combination resume, just like a chronological layout, shows your job positions and their related duties, and the length of time you held each position. However, it highlights expertise developed in each of those positions. Chiediti quanto è simile la tua storia professionale, con il lavoro che desideri. If your skills are more relevant to the job at hand and you have outstanding achievements, a functional resume can emphasize that.
  • Repetition
    In contrast to a functional layout, the combination format can be repetitive when skills are listed in more than one section. This is not a problem with functional formats because they don't include a detailed work history, in which skills information would likely be repeated.
  • Hierarchy of position
    Recruiters are usually more rigorous when they search for a senior managerial candidate. In this case, a functional resume could work against you since it's not as detailed as a combination resume.

    Soppesa i benefici e le sfide che ti vengono presentati dalle tue circostanze personali, al fine di selezionare il formato più adatto.

Esempi di curriculum funzionale

Seeing real functional resume samples can help you understand how they work. Check out the different examples below, and compare them with your own skills and experience. You'll get a much clearer idea of what your resume could look like!

Qui di seguito, sono presenti degli ottimi esempi gratis.

    • Sales-Focused

      This sample functional resume from the University of Kentucky puts the focus on the summary of qualifications and relevant skills before listing work history and education. Questa strategia è efficacie per le persone che conoscono molto bene il lavoro, tanto da capire il tipo di capacità ricercate dai datori di lavoro, e che possono permettersi quindi di concentrarsi su questo, mentre esaltano la loro istruzione e la propria storia professionale.

      In this example, the job seeker has years of relevant experience both as an entrepreneur and as a coordinator for large companies. The functional format is also the right strategy for anyone with employment history gaps or whose qualifications aren't derived traditionally.

    • Sales-Focused

    • Grafica

      This skill-based resume, created by Ohlone College, focuses on qualifications, accomplishments and experience. Work history is listed plainly so as not to draw attention to a two-year work-history gap, and education is listed last and in a way that will not bring attention to the lack of a bachelor’s degree. Questo modello è per coloro che hanno una maggiore esperienza e conoscenza nel settore, rispetto a un candidato che sta cercando un primo impiego, ma la cui storia professionale o istruzione sono invece controverse.

      In this example, the applicant's list of qualifications, skills and experience showcase his knowledge with graphic design, while the downplayed presentation of work experience and education neither hide nor call attention to weak areas. Questo modello mostra quanto i curriculum funzionali siano in grado di sottolineare al meglio le qualifiche, senza nascondere i problemi.

    • Grafica

    • Mid-Level Retail

      This retail-focused resume from Portland Community College targets the job she’s applying for by listing important, relevant experience she’s had in customer service. By listing experience with merchandising techniques, the job seeker shows that she understands that part of increasing sales means working on a sales floor. This also allows her to show both her familiarity with the business as well as the responsibilities she’s been given in previous positions.

      This example shows an applicant for a position as a customer service representative who has a limited education, and a work history that includes a relatively large gap. The functional format allows her to highlight strengths and downplay weaknesses.

    • Mid-Level Retail

    • New Teacher

      This professional resume from Palomar College uses a straightforward format to accomplish the goal of leading a potential employer through the applicant’s most important qualifications. Skills are listed first both because in a position such as childcare they’re important, but also because education and employment history isn’t stellar. Le esperienze rilevanti, che vengono indicate, sono importanti per un'insegnate della scuola materna, tuttavia, non vanno al di là delle aspettative essenziali.

      In this example, the applicant is expecting to earn a bachelor's degree soon and is looking to advance her career. Without getting bogged down in timeline and work history gaps, this document will help job seekers focus on the positives they can bring to a new employer.

    • New Teacher

    • Career Change

      This functional resume template for Adam Patrick Jones highlights the advantage of using a functional format to move from one field to another. By listing personal attributes and skills first, followed by a summary of professional qualifications, the applicant shows the range of his abilities.

      In this military-to-civilian example, a former office administrator with the U.S. Military is attempting the sometimes tough transition from the military to the private sector. This template can work equally well for anyone hoping to make a career change or those who have a varied, but valuable, skill set.

    • Career Change

Functional Resume Templates

If you decide to go with this format, you’ll probably need resume examples to guide your creation. It can be overwhelming to start from scratch, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! We chose our favorite builder-exclusive custom templates to help you write your own functional resume.

Choose between traditional and more creative templates, depending on your career field and the type of company to which you're applying. Puoi scaricarli da qui:

Come creare un curriculum funzionale

The following sections will show you how to write a compelling functional document.

  • Functional Outline

    Un curriculum funzionale deve sempre contenere i seguenti componenti:

    • Personal information
    • Riepilogo professionale
    • Relevant skills
    • Professional experience/work history
    • Istruzione

    In questo formato, disponi la sezione sulle capacità rilevanti prima della storia professionale. Questo è quello che differenzia un curriculum funzionale da un formato cronologico. At the end of the resume, you can add a brief section of extra competencies or projects that, while not completely relevant to the position, may make your resume even stronger. For example, you can include languages, professional affiliations, IT experience (for a non-IT position), etc.

    Don't include hobbies, as it's outdated and doesn't boost your professional image. See our advice below for effective writing advice.

Brainstorm Before You Start

Brainstorm the skills and accomplishments you bring to the table. At this stage, it doesn't matter if some of them aren't relevant to the job description. Do include educational background, training provided by former employers, technical skills, awards and professional affiliations.

Per aiutarti a ricordare questi elementi, poniti le seguenti domande:

  • Ho insegnato delle nuove capacità ai miei subordinati o ai compagni di gruppo?
  • Ho cambiato una procedura, rendendola più efficace?
  • Ho aiutato l'azienda a risparmiare denaro?
  • Ho ricevuto dei premi o dei riconoscimenti per la mia produttività?
  • Ho acquisito nuovi clienti o progetti per la mia azienda?
  • Sono stato promosso o le mie responsabilità sono aumentate?
  • Did I detect a problem and prevent it from escalating?

Now, list every skill you possess that's mentioned in the job ad. Delete the elements in your brainstorm list that have nothing to do with the job position. Your relevant aptitude and achievements are what will remain.

Once you're done, refine this list by incorporating the exact keywords that are in the job description. For example, if you wrote "communication with clients," but the job ad says "customer service," use the latter. You don't know whether your resume is going to be screened by an applicant tracking system (ATS) at first. Using the same keywords that are in the job ad will help prevent your resume from getting rejected at this initial stage.

  • personal information
  • Informazioni personali

    This resume section is simple and straightforward. Just list your complete name, city and state, email and phone number. Use a larger font size and/or different alignment to make your name stand out.

    Write “Willing to relocate” if the position is in another city because sometimes a recruiter will discard your resume if they feel you live too far away to commute.

    Provide a mobile number for hiring managers to easily contact you. Include a professional email address that includes your first and last names, but no nicknames.

    You can include your professional website, online portfolio and LinkedIn profile as well.

  • professional profile or summary statement
  • Professional Profile or Summary Statement

    In your summary statement, you should make your most relevant skills and experiences stand out immediately to hiring managers. It should effectively summarize your previous experience and relevant qualifications in around 50 words, and entice hiring managers to read the rest of your resume.

    Inizia con il tuo titolo di studio o con la tua figura professionale, indicando anche il numero di anni da cui fai parte della forza lavoro. Continue listing your relevant expertise, and quantify this experience with tangible results. You can mention awards, recognition or accomplishments.

    Compariamo due profili professionali. Here is an ineffective example of an executive secretary's profile.


Executive secretary and team leader, working with effectiveness and attention to detail. Esperta nei programmi di ottimizzazione e nell'organizzazione dei dati. A capo degli eventi dell'ambiente di lavoro, con risultati eccellenti.

Questo profilo non fornisce, ai responsabili della selezione del personale, le informazioni di cui hanno bisogno. Questa persona potrebbe avere le capacità che stanno cercando, ma il profilo è troppo vago.


Executive secretary with three years of experience managing two employees in a corporate office, keeping an environment of efficiency with attention to detail. Ha sviluppato e implementato dei programmi di ottimizzazione, per le procedure di ristrutturazione, ottenendo un risparmio sui costi del lavoro, pari a $ 60 all'anno. Analyzed incoming data from customers and generated reports to the CEO weekly. Organized work environment events that increased employees' job satisfaction by 12 percent in 2016.

Entrambi i profili si riferiscono alla stessa persona, ma il secondo sarà molto più efficace nel catturare l'attenzione del responsabile della selezione del personale. La più grande differenza risiede nella presenza di fatti oggettivi e di informazioni quantificabili, nel secondo esempio.

When you list your accomplishments in this way, the recruiter can picture you doing the same for their company.

  • relevant skills
  • Capacità pertinenti

    Remember your proficiency and accomplishments you brainstormed before beginning your resume? You will now classify them in this section.

Le capacità rientrano in una di queste tre categorie:

  • Job-related skills: Mention technical expertise acquired academically or on the job. For example, a digital marketing executive’s experience might include fluency in Google Analytics, knowledge of social media management and knowledge of best practices for sales funnels.
  • Transferable skills: These are commonly included for a career transition, and are skills you learned in one field or job that can apply to a different type of job. For example, as a sales manager, you could have learned how to develop standards for conducting hiring interviews.
  • Adaptive or personal skills: Describe the personality traits you possess that make your work better. These are harder to prove on paper, so back them up with an achievement. For example, “Worked with high professional ethics, getting outstanding results in the annual legal audit.”

Tieni a mente queste categorie, per aiutarti a raggruppare le tue capacità. List the categories in order of relevance to the position you are applying for, from the most important to the least.

Pro tip

immagine blade

Use past-tense action-oriented verbs to describe the achievements you have gained and the projects you have worked on. Includi solamente ciò che è rilevante, per la posizione per cui stai facendo domanda, e quantificalo.

An efficient way to express your achievements using compelling words is to use one of these formulas: Your action + Measured result, or Result + Why it was needed + Action. For example, "Implemented 10 training programs of soft skills on customer service staff, which resulted in a 30 percent improvement on customer satisfaction surveys."

List your qualifications, and support each of them with achievements in bullet points. Use up to three achievements for each category. Questo farà in modo che sia breve e semplice da leggere.

  • professional experience
  • Esperienza professionale

    Your work history should be concise in a functional resume format. Include a list of company names and job titles in chronological order. Le date, relative a ogni posizione, sono facoltative.

    In a functional resume, the recruiters will want to know more about you by the time they reach this part of the document. Your resume may help you get your foot in the door, but a recruiter will probably ask you more questions about your work experience if you are fortunate enough to receive an interview.

    If you have limited work experience, you can add internships, volunteer work and personal projects as well.

  • istruzione
  • Istruzione

    Anche il tuo background accademico deve essere breve e pertinente. Provide the name and location of your university, add your major and the type of degree obtained. You can include your GPA within five years of graduating and if it is 3,5 or above.

    Mention important seminars, courses or other training if you feel it will boost or validate a skill.

    It's common practice to include the year of graduation, but is not mandatory. Minimize the risks of encountering ageism by omitting the year.

Using a Resume Builder

The templates and samples above will help you to build your functional resume. If you want to take your document to the next level, a resume builder is a great tool. We launched an online builder that provides custom resume templates with different color combinations and built-in text options that help you tailor your document to your experience and job prospects.

Here are the key points for creating a great functional resume:

  • Choose a starting template and easily add new skills sections in our online builder.
  • View our free resume examples and download our premium resume templates to guide you in creating an effective functional resume.
  • List your skills and achievements.
  • Analyze the job posting and identify the keywords so you can incorporate them into your custom templates.
  • Categorize your abilities and organize skills by order of relevance to a specific job post.
  • Write a complementary cover letter with similar keywords.

As you use this tool, you can also use the pre-built phrases in our builder to help boost your document's effectiveness. Remember to adapt the text to reflect the unique needs of the open position and the existing skills that you developed in your previous jobs or education.

Follow these recommendations to help your resume stand out from the competition. You might juggle multiple job offers soon!

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