Lifeguarding Resume Example

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Teenage lifeguard by the pool

Being a summer lifeguard is a perfect job for students either in high school, college or university.

The key thing to remember while writing your resume is that this position comes with the responsibility of saving people’s lives. Everything that you write should reflect that you are taking this seriously and are a highly attentive and responsible person.

Every city and state/province has different requirements for becoming a pool or beach guard, so make sure to find those out before applying for a job. It’s a good idea to get all the basics covered and take at least one course if you don’t have a lot of real life experience to list on your resume.

Lifeguard resume: download example in Word

You might be worried that you don’t have extensive experience as a lifeguard, but don’t panic. Most pools and recreational clubs aren’t looking for a ton of experience, mainly that you have the appropriate training. If you don’t have a lot of work experience, put a lot of emphasis on your performance in training courses that show you take the responsibility of the job seriously.

Below is a lifeguard resume example that can help getting you started making your own.

Lifeguard resume sample

great lifeguard resume sample

Basic lifeguard resume sample for an entry level position - pools and recreational clubs, or a beach.

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Key points about this example:

  1. Clean layout: hiring managers can quickly locate important information, resume is well balanced and easy to read
  2. Single page: Entry level position resumes should be maximum one page long
  3. Measurable accomplishments: This is a good example of a resume where past experiences are accomplishment-oriented