Medical Certificate Template

Medical certificate templates can simplify record keeping for anyone dealing with the many and various medical conditions of students or employees. And doctor’s offices can use medical certificates to help streamline their processes, as well.
Too often, doctor notes are either illegibly written or unclear in their meaning. Patients, school nurses, and HR departments can be left without clear, easy to read and understand documentation stating conditions, treatments, or medical instructions. When the only record a patient receives is a hand scribbled note from a doctor’s pad and the billing information, the patient may not have a clear understanding of the expectations that are put on them for their own medical welfare. They may also be unable to communicate their needs to their employers or school.

Who Can Use Medical Certificate Templates

For many people and organizations, a medical certificate template can ease some of record-keeping pains. Here are just a few examples:


Whether you’re a school nurse, a coach, or a secretary, there are many times that medical certificate templates can help you. Our template is customizable, so that you can create forms for different doctors’ offices or specific, frequent ailments. And with a customized template, when your students come to you from their personal doctor, the information you need will be on the page where you expect it to be, and hopefully clearly written or typed!
  • Sports

    – Whether your student has gotten their sports physical or had an injury at school, a customized medicate fitness certificate will help you quickly see whether there are any problems, what those problems might be, and the corrective actions.
  • Chronic Illnesses and Health Conditions

    – If you know a student has asthma or epilepsy or anything else, sending a customized template (with the parent’s permission) to the doctor’s office requesting a clearly defined treatment plan, with any medications and doses, can make both collating your files and helping your students easier.
  • Infectious Illness

    – Whether your school has an outbreak of an infectious illness, or if a particular student has the misfortune of getting sick, a medical certificate template can help you communicate with their doctor so that you know when your students can return to class.

Human Resource Departments

Human resource departments deal with all kinds of medical issues, and may struggle to find the time to file them all appropriately, much less decipher them. While your employees are free to use the medical professional of their choice, the different forms coming into your office can make record-keeping a nightmare! Having customized templates for your employees’ doctors to fill out would simplify your life. With a template, you would know where on the page to find the information you need, and that all of the information you need will be there. Your office might benefit from having customized templates for any of these reasons, and more:
  • Various Injuries
  • Maternity Leave
  • Family Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Mental Health Needs
With each template, be sure to have clearly marked spaces for the doctor’s office to note any limitations, return to work date, emergency procedures, etc.

Doctor’s Office

Among the reasons for patient non-adherence to medical advice and prescriptions is lack of clarity from the office to the patient. Patient adherence to medical treatment is a critical factor in long-term prognosis, and studies show that communication is part of the key to building effective patient-doctor relationships. Too often, the clearest description of a patient’s interaction with a doctor’s office comes in the form of a bill. Medical practitioners need to be doing everything they can to aid communication, and a medical certificate template can play a role in filling this void. Your office could use individual templates for:
  • Common ailments

    – From childhood pneumonia to osteoporosis, patients may come to your office for problems that to you and your staff are common and easily treatable, but to the patient is scary and leaves them unsure. Medical certificate templates can help your office answer questions that your patients may not even know they want answered until they leave the office.
  • Common injuries

    – From broken bones to nerve damage, patients will leave your office with questions about their care. A fifteen-minute check-up doesn’t give a lot of time for questions and answers, but may be all the time the doctor has. Using medical certificate templates with answers to common questions can help.
  • Pre-surgery medical examinations and instructions – Whether you’re the primary care physician or the surgeon, your patient will need a pre-surgery check-up and will get pre-surgery instructions. Using medical certificates to answer questions and give instructions both to the other doctors involved in the case and to the patient will streamline communication.

  • Chronic Issues

    – From asthma to apnea, your patients will have medications and medical devices that may be confusing to use, and therapies that may have lots of instructions. Having medical certificates already filled out with explanations can help your office and your patients.
  • Medication-specific issues

    – When a patient fills a prescription, he gets a document in fine print that’s more pages long than he’s going to read. Having a medical certificate template filled out with common questions, concerns, and instructions, can help patients adhere to their treatment plan.

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Free Medical Certificate Templates

Ease record-keeping and communication pains with free medical certificate templates. Whether you’re a busy human resources employee who doesn’t have the time to deal with missing or illegible medical information, or a doctor’s office who wishes you had more time to explain treatment plans to your patients, medical certificate templates can make your life easier. It is free to download and simple to edit, helping you save time, money, and energy.

Medical Certificate Template

Medical Certificate Template
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