No Objection Certificate

A letter of no objection (LNO) or no objection certificate (NOC) is a document often requested by mortgage companies, banks, or other local authorities to establish that they do not object to an agreement or contract. A no objection certificate is an official document that permits a person or organization to perform a given task.

Who Needs a No Objection Certificate?

While obtaining a no objection certificate can be a good idea for anyone, some countries rely on them more than others—India being a prime example. There, a NOC is required in most government-based departments.

A NOC may also be required to get governmental permission to construct a new building, or to refit or renovate an existing one. They may be requested from an employer when an employee wishes to switch to another job.

As a legal document, a no objection certificate often holds a great deal of significance for different legal tasks and procedures, and can be requested by agencies or individuals.

When to Request a Letter of No Objection?

At their heart, no objection certificates and letters of no objection authorize a person to carry out an action proposed to the issuing authority by stating that the issuing authority has no objections to that action. Because they can be either formal or informal documents, there are many legal situations in which a letter of no objection or no objection certificate may be required. The correct format of the certificate depends on the situation, and a no objection certificate template can be used to help the applicant ensure the form is worded correctly and looks professional.

A NOC may be required for:

  • Writing and Art

    – In writing and other arts, a NOC can be given by the holder of copyrighted material to show that they have no objection to another person’s use of that material.
  • Immigration

    – Depending on the country and a person’s immigration status, no objection certificates and letters may be required to get employment, go to school, or work while attending school, among many other things.
  • Employment

    – A NOC can be used by a supervisor to communicate her willingness to allow an employee to move jobs within the organization, to change the parameters of his contract, to take on additional work or shifts, etc.
  • Travel

    – When traveling abroad, a no objection certificate and letter can increase a person’s chances of obtaining a visa by proving they have commitments in their home country to which they must return.
  • Building and remodeling

    In New York, for example, building owners must apply to the Department of Buildings if they plan to make changes involving “the building’s use, occupancy, or means of exit.”

No Objection Certificate Format

Like any other type of legal certificate, a NOC follows a specific format. To help you get this formatting right, our NOC templates are available to download for free. Simply find the template you want from the selection below, fill in the required fields with your information, and print.

No Objection Certificate Property

No Objection Certificate Property
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No Objection Certificate Study

No Objection Certificate Study
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