Certificate of Participation Templates

A certificate of participation shows that a person has taken part in an activity, event, training session, competition, or financial exchange. These certificates may be required by a local government or other authority for a number of reasons. Or, it may be necessary to show that a person has complied with a legal prerequisite, a training requirement, or to display familiarity or competency.

Reasons to Use a Certificate of Participation

There are many reasons to consider using certificates of participation, from real estate financing to criminal law.
  • Conference Participation

    – A certificate of participation may be useful as evidence of attending in a conference for a given industry. If you’re hosting or helping to host such an event, consider giving certificates to attendees to not only show their employer they did attend, but also to give them a memento.
  • Community-related Event

    – If you put on a community-related event, offering a certificate to your participants could be a great way to create residual publicity for your business or organization.
  • Real Estate Financing

    – A participation certificate is frequently used in real estate finance as a financial document that investors use to indicate the purchase of a share of lease revenues. Or, the local authority may use the returns to build a facility that is then leased to a municipality. This releases the municipality from any restrictions on how much debt they can accumulate.
  • Rehab Programs

    – If you’re involved in the running of drug or alcohol rehab programs, then giving certificates of participation upon completion of your program may serve as a lasting, positive memory for the addict, reminding them of their success.
Other common examples of reasons a certificate of participation may be required by local governments include:
  • To display financial solvency in order to be awarded a lease, loan, long-term debt payment or other financing agreement
  • To show competence in a given area to qualify for employment, child custody, or for legal permits of various kinds
  • To be presented to a bond counsel in certain criminal law cases
  • For presentation to a regulatory body for general obligation purposes
  • To satisfy a recurring obligation to prove eligibility or competence each calendar year for licensing or other reasons

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Download Certificates of Participation Templates

Sample designs can be found below. They are professionally designed, high-quality documents. You only need to download the certificate template, customize the fields, and print.

Printable Certificate Of Participation

Printable Certificate Of Participation
  • Size: 183 B
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  • Filename: printable-certificate-participation.docx

Program Participation Certificate

Program Participation Certificate
  • Size: 32 KB
  • Downloads: 11670
  • Filename: Program-Participation-Certificate.docx

Workshop Participation Certificate

Workshop Participation Certificate
  • Size: 60 KB
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  • Filename: Workshop-Participation-Certificate.docx