Free DayCare Flyer Templates

Make Your day Care Business Shine
Day care is the most important choice any parent makes about the care of children. When the parent is not available, who is? A day care business must communicate service, atmosphere, and qualifications to gain loyal customers. From a parent’s perspective, the first impression of a day care provider’s ads will set the tone for further investigation.

How To Advertise Day Care Facility

Of all the marketing efforts for a day care facility, “word-of-mouth” is priceless. To get the advantage of hitting a target market, informational flyers are easy to produce and distribute. When you use a flyer that you can customize, you can efficiently present your specialty, advantage and experience. Here are a few examples:
  • Church based day care
  • Use the theme that fits your religious emphasis
  • Pre-school and early training
  • Use graphics or photos that show children writing, building or singing
  • After school support
  • Use language and photos that show children interacting and studying

Where and When To Advertise


The flyers are printable on any color printer, when you are using an amount fewer than 50. If a mass mailing and handout situation is planned, take the digital file to a printer to save money and get a professional look. Here are some ideas for flyer distribution:
  • By mail to neighborhood residents and businesses
  • Visit local shopping areas (especially children’s stores) and ask to post your flyer or leave a number in a countertop display for people to pick up
  • Leave flyers with local church offices and ask them to place in the Nursery or even handout to parents at church school
  • Send a digital copy to local or area newspapers to publish for a small fee
  • Give a stack of flyers to local area school offices and ask to have them posted or handed out to parents
Day care operations serve mostly local and nearby residents and businesses. If you emphasize your location, it will help the parent decide if your day care is close to home or place of work.


If you are new in the area, any time is good to get started. If you have seasonal business, distribute flyers a month before business drops. If you are already full to capacity, enlist other day care centers you know and trust as referrals. Summer is a peak time for full-time services, holidays a peak for short-term customers and evening care is a premium service in any season.

Customizable Free Resume Templates

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Free Resume Templates

Free DayCare Flyers

Day care is more than a baby-sitting service; it is a teaching, learning, physical and mental enrichment benefit for parents. Showcase your care and benefits with your personalized flyer and message. Your DayCare flyer should tell as much as possible about particular services, responsibilities and role of a day care business.
  • First, the ad’s appearance attracts attention.
  • Second, the details of location, hours, services and cost will help the parent make a quick assessment.
  • Third, the language of the flyer projects the quality that encourages the parent to call.
Be sure to include:
  • Age appropriate activities, such as potty training, eye-hand coordination, building blocks, drawing, coloring, music and exercise
  • Visuals of children and adult supervision, like a reading, music or art group
  • Location, times and cost, with a picture of the day care interior with kids, a chart of times and a list of service prices
  • Bright title header and prominent phone number with large lettering
Here are some flyers to help showcase your care and benefits with your personalized message.

Early Learning Preschool Flyer

Early Learning Preschool Flyer Template

Visual and graphical flyer to advertise preschool program.

  • Size: KB
  • Downloads: 11493
  • Filename: Early-Learning-Preschool-Flyer.docx

Bells and Bubbles ChildCare

Bells and Bubbles ChildCare Flyer Template

Simple flyer with visual focus on large image and tree smaller supporting images

  • Size: KB
  • Downloads: 9532
  • Filename: Bells-and-Bubbles-ChildCare.docx

After School Childcare Program

After School Childcare Program Flyer Template

Playful flyer to advertise an After School Childcare Program with space for image, bullet points, address, and other important information.

  • Size: KB
  • Downloads: 9097
  • Filename: After-School-Childcare-Program.docx

Basic Day Care Flyer Template

Basic Daycare Flyer Template

Very simple Daycare flyer template with large image and text box for daycare center info (fees, hours, address, etc.)

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 5617
  • Filename: Basic-Daycare-Flyer-Template.docx