Best Au Pair Resume Examples For 2024 (Template & Guide)

Are you an au pair looking to launch your career with confidence? Our handpicked examples and expert guidance will help you craft a standout resume. Explore our resume templates, tips and guides to help you get started!

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Au Pair Resumes: Overview

As an Au Pair, you’re not just a caretaker– you’re a friend and mentor to the children you care for. Your responsibilities extend beyond typical childcare, including cultural exchange and fostering a supportive family environment. Working as an au pair can provide opportunities to travel and learn new languages in a new country.

Au pairs can connect with new host families in a variety of ways:

        • Working for an Au Pair Agency
        • Using an Au Pair Website
        • Networking and Referrals
        • Answering private job postings

The role of an Au Pair is as diverse as the families you serve. Essential skills for success include patience, adaptability, speaking multiple languages, cultural sensitivity, and, of course, a genuine love for children.

Ready to embark on your au pair adventure? Explore our professional resume examples and downloadable templates to create a resume that showcases your unique blend of childcare and cultural exchange skills.

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Au Pair Resume: Example 1

Take a look at this first example of an au pair resume. It uses a visually appealing design and chronological format to showcase the au pair’s extensive experience and qualifications. Here’s what makes this resume example stand out:

Engaging Summary:

The resume captivates attention with a compelling introduction, expressing the Au Pair’s genuine enthusiasm for creating a positive environment for children.

Achievement-Oriented Content:

The content goes beyond listing responsibilities, incorporating specific achievements and contributions. For example, they “created and implemented diverse educational strategies to boost development.”

Visually Appealing Layout:

The design is functional and aesthetically pleasing, making the document easy to navigate. Using color and formatting reflects the vibrancy and creativity expected in an Au Pair role.

Comprehensive Skills Section:

The resume strategically emphasizes a diverse skill set, from childcare expertise to operational improvement, demonstrating a complete and well-rounded suitability for the Au Pair position.

Au Pair Resume Example 2

This Au Pair resume employs a functional format, strategically emphasizing skills and achievements to create a powerful impression. It’s an excellent choice for someone with limited experience as an au pair. Here’s what makes it work:

Functional Clarity:

The resume’s format skillfully showcases the au pair’s diverse competencies, providing a clear snapshot of their capabilities without overwhelming the reader with chronological details.

Cultural Fluency:

It goes beyond the basics, showcasing the au pair’s cultural adaptability and an understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds. The candidate showcases their ability to work with children of different ages, ethnicities and genders, which is essential to an au pair’s job.

Visual Appeal:

The document’s design is elegantly simple, allowing easy readability. Using color and an organized layout enhances the visual appeal without compromising content.

Highlight of Specialized Skills:

This second example of an au pair’s resume effectively highlights specialized skills relevant to childcare, including behavior modification, educational support and enrichment activities. This focused approach ensures the reader can quickly identify this au pair’s key qualifications.

How To Write An Au Pair Resume

When applying to be a family’s au pair, you need a resume that makes your qualifications stand out. Ready to craft a resume as exceptional as your childcare skills?

Use this guide to write a resume that will immediately grab the attention of au pair agencies and host families. Also, check out our comprehensive how-to guide for more tips and advice about writing a resume.

Pick a Format

The first step to creating a winning resume is choosing the best format to showcase your skills and experience level. If you have several years of experience as an au pair, a chronological format may work best to emphasize your work history.

However, if you have limited experience or are just starting as an au pair, try a functional or combination format resume to shift focus to your skills and qualifications rather than your work history.

Contact Information

Ensure families can connect with you by sharing your name, contact details, and location. Place the information at the top of the page to make it easy to find.

Remember to use a professional email address and include your telephone number, complete with area codes and any necessary international dialing codes.

Resume Summary or Objective

Craft a persuasive summary or objective statement. Think of it as your introduction to host families, emphasizing your passion for childcare and cultural exchange.

A professional summary is best if you have previous experience as an au pair. In 2-3 sentences, describe your most relevant knowledge and skills. You can also include personal qualities like patience, versatility, or reliability to make a solid first impression.

However, if you are just beginning your career as an au pair, you can use an objective statement to detail your skills and qualifications and convey your interest in the job.

Work History

Detail your childcare experiences, starting with the most recent job and working backward. Your work history section should include the following information:

        • Job Title
        • Name of employer
        • Location
        • Dates of employment

Use bullet points under each job you list to highlight your achievements, and action verbs and numbers to demonstrate your impact as an au pair.

For example:

“Traveled with a family of 5 to care for children, allowing parents to share private time while giving children fun adventures in diverse environments.”


“Assisted children with developing bilingual abilities through immersive conversation and activities, improving school test scores by 10%.”


In a separate section, list the hard and soft skills that make you stand out as an au pair.

Use this section to showcase your ability to connect with children, manage household responsibilities, and adapt to diverse cultural settings.

Be sure to include any languages you speak and knowledge of early childhood education and development.


Next, include a section to share your educational background. List your highest level of education by listening to the name of the school, location and degree earned.

You can list relevant childcare or early childhood education coursework if you have not completed your degree.

Additional Sections

Finally, consider adding sections highlighting your language proficiency, any unique talents, or certifications that make you an extraordinary au pair.

For example, certifications in CPR or First Aid can demonstrate your professionalism and dedication to providing safe childcare.

Key Skills for Au Pair Resumes

Being an au pair requires a unique combination of hard skills and soft skills. You’re not just a caretaker; you’re a friend and mentor to the children you care for.

Your responsibilities extend beyond typical childcare, including cultural enrichment and fostering a supportive family environment. Including the right skills on your resume will show potential host families you are the right fit for their household.

While you will want to tailor your resume to your unique abilities and the specific job you are applying for, we have compiled a list of the top hard and soft skills for an au pair’s resume as inspiration.

Top 5 Hard Skills for Au Pair Resumes

        1. Early Childhood Education: Including this skill on your resume demonstrates your understanding of the unique needs and stages of child development.
        2. Language Proficiency: Au pairs are often explicitly hired to enhance the children’s fluency in multiple languages. Mention your fluency in languages relevant to the host family or community to demonstrate your qualifications for the job.
        3. Activity Planning: Creating engaging and educational activities for children is a highly sought-after skill for au pairs.
        4. Meal Planning and Preparation: Au pairs are often expected to plan and prepare meals for the children in their care. Showcase your cooking, nutritional knowledge and experience with meal planning to make your resume stand out from the competition.
        5. Basic First Aid: Knowledge of basic first aid procedures for child emergencies is crucial for an au pair. Let potential host families know their children are safe in your care by including first aid skills on your resume.

Top 5 Soft Skills for Au Pair Resumes

        1. Patience: Au pairs and parents alike know patience is essential for handling childcare challenges with grace. Include this soft skill to demonstrate you have the right temperament for caring for children.
        2. Adaptability: Thriving in diverse environments and adjusting to new cultures is critical to your success as an au pair. Showcase your ability to handle unexpected changes in the children’s schedules or other needs to impress potential host families.
        3. Communication: As an au pair, you must interact with children, host families, and potentially other household staff. Effective communication is essential to ensuring you will work well with the entire family.
        4. Cultural Sensitivity: Embracing and respecting the cultural background of host families is essential to creating a positive environment for the children.
        5. Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and responding to the emotional needs of children is a core part of an au pair’s job. Including emotional intelligence in your skills section will also demonstrate you can get along with the entire family.

Incorporate hard and soft skills into your au pair resume to showcase your unique ability to create a supportive and enriching environment for the children and become a trusted employee of your host family!

Top Certifications for Au Pairs

Stand out as an Au Pair by adding relevant certifications to your resume. These certifications enhance your skills and assure host families of your dedication to providing quality childcare.

        • Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid Certification: This certification is essential for any childcare provider and ensures you are ready to handle any emergency that may arise.
        • Early Childhood Education (ECE) Certificate: Obtaining an ECE certification validates your knowledge of child development and educational strategies.
        • Language Proficiency Certificates: Being certified in multiple languages assures potential employers that you are fluent in the host family’s speech and additional languages they want their children to learn.

Include these certifications in your au pair resume to strengthen your profile and assure host families of your commitment to providing a safe and enriching childcare experience.

8 Tips For Writing an Au Pair Resume

Express Your Passion:

Showcase your genuine love for children and enthusiasm for working as an au pair. Crafting a persuasive and engaging summary at the top of your resume is a great way to introduce yourself and your passion for childcare.

Highlight Cultural Experience:

Emphasize your ability to bring cultural diversity into the home. Include details about countries you have visited or lived in, education in arts or languages, and experience working with clients from different backgrounds.

Detail Childcare Techniques:

Provide specific examples of your childcare techniques and strategies. For instance, you could include your preferred approach to child discipline. If you are skilled in behavior modification, emotional coaching, or other techniques, include that in your skills section.

Emphasize Language Skills:

Highlight your proficiency in multiple languages, especially if they are relevant to the host family’s requirements.

Showcase Adaptability:

Illustrate instances where you successfully adapted to new environments and cultures—for example, list previous au pair experience in a new country or region.

Use a Visually Appealing Design:

Make your au pair resume stand out from the competition by using an engaging and visually appealing design. Using color, an easily readable font and a well-organized layout will grab the reader’s attention.

Add Personal Touches:

Mention any unique skills, hobbies, or talents that make you an extraordinary au pair. For example, if you enjoy arts and crafts, you can use that knowledge to create engaging activities for the children in your care.

Proofread Carefully:

It is always wise to double-check your spelling, grammar and formatting for errors or typos. Your resume is a reflection of your professionalism and attention to detail, so even a tiny mistake can make the wrong impression.

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Key Takeaways

        • Infuse your resume with your passion for child care and enthusiasm for working as an au pair.
        • Highlight your role in fostering cultural diversity and enriching the children’s education.
        • Include specific instances of your positive impact on children to showcase your qualifications.
        • Clearly state your proficiency in languages relevant to the potential host family.
        • A visually appealing resume design and well-written content will grab the reader’s attention.

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Updated: December 04, 2023

Include languages spoken by the host family or relevant to the cultural context of your experience. You can also highlight your experience teaching or tutoring students in a second language.

To emphasize your childcare experience, share specific examples of your impact on the well-being and development of the children you've cared for. Use action verbs to engage the reader, and quantify your achievements with numbers to validate your qualifications. For example, “Educated groups of children in classrooms of up to 20 students using individualized learning.”

Listing your certifications is optional. However, including certifications in early childhood education, first aid/CPR, and language proficiency will add credibility to your resume. Obtaining certifications also demonstrates your commitment to the profession.

Including references can build trust and provide insight into your qualities as an au pair. However, you do not need to include them on your resume. Instead, have a separate document prepared with a list of your references available upon request.

Choosing a functional or combination format for your resume will emphasize your skills and qualifications rather than focusing on your work experience. Then, tailor your summary statement to showcase relevant transferable childcare skills and highlight qualifications like language skills and cultural exchange experiences. For example, mentioning experience tutoring students in a second language or attending school in another country demonstrates your ability to work well with people from different cultural backgrounds.


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