Best Cosmetology Resume Examples For 2024 (Template & Guide)

Unlock career opportunities in the world of beauty and personal care. Our collection of expertly designed cosmetology resume examples and templates offers valuable insights and techniques to help you create an impressive resume that effectively sells your skills and expertise.

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Cosmetology Resumes: Overview

Cosmetology professionals provide a range of beauty services, from hair styling and makeup application to nail care and skin-care treatments.

There are many different career options within the cosmetology sector, with some of the most popular professions being:

    • Hairstylist
    • Esthetician
    • Nail Technician
    • Makeup Artist
    • Barber

To excel in cosmetology, professionals should possess strong interpersonal skills, creativity, and attention to detail. Additionally, they must typically complete formal training at a cosmetology school and pass an exam to earn a state-issued license.

Use our cosmetology resume examples to win over prospective employers by showcasing these qualities and qualifications. For more help, browse through our rich collection of professional resume examples and downloadable resume templates to create a resume to help you get your next job in cosmetology.

Cosmetology Professor Resume Example

This exemplary cosmetology resume example is a quality benchmark and offers valuable inspiration on both content and design fronts for enhancing your resume.

  • Visual Hierarchy:

    Design elements like capitalization and bolding create a visual hierarchy that emphasizes important information and directs the eye to specific details.

  • Captivating Professional Summary:

    A concise but convincing summary statement at the top of the resume introduces the candidate’s key cosmetology strengths and qualifications, giving potential employers a sense of what she can offer right off the bat.

  • Pops of Color:

    Tasteful touches of color draw attention to section headings, showcase the candidate’s aesthetic sensibilities, and make the resume visually appealing while still maintaining professionalism.

  • Active Language:

    The candidate uses strong action verbs like “supervise” and “recruit” at the beginning of work history bullet points to make descriptions more engaging and convey a sense of proactivity and accomplishment in past roles.

Waxing Specialist Resume Example

A quick look at this cosmetology resume for a waxing specialist confirms that it’s a model example of writing, structuring, and designing a document that wows employers.

  • Content Customization:

    Rather than listing every detail of his professional background, the candidate tailors the resume to the specific needs of the employer, including only relevant information focused on his waxing expertise.

  • Striking Layout:

    The graphic lines and different color shades draw in the reader and neatly delineate the resume sections, making it easy for hiring managers to navigate the document and find information quickly.

  • Professional Memberships Section:

    The addition of an “Affiliations and Memberships” section over and above the five primary resume sections helps to enhance the candidate’s credibility and differentiate them from the competition by highlighting their commitment to the field.

  • Bulleted Lists:

    The use of bulleted lists, which are much more reader-friendly than paragraphs, makes the information easy to scan and digest in a matter of minutes.

How to Write a Cosmetology Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide

A well-crafted cosmetology resume is your passport to a rewarding career in the beauty industry. Follow the steps below to create a standout resume that sells your value and unlocks new job opportunities. For more detailed guidance, look at our comprehensive resume writing guide.

  • Choose a Format:

    There are three types of resume formats, and you should pick the one that best fits your needs. The chronological resume format is the most common and focuses on job history.

    The functional resume format is less common and not as ATS-friendly, however, it is good for those with less experience, like recent high school graduates, because it focuses on transferable skills. Finally, there is the combination resume format, which uses elements from both the chronological and functional approaches.

  • Contact Information:

    Begin your cosmetology resume with a clear contact information section including your full name, phone number, a professional email address, and location (city and state). You might also want to add links to relevant social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or Instagram, and other platforms showcasing your portfolio of work.

  • Summary or Objective:

    Kickstart your resume with a powerful summary or objective statement. A resume summary, typically 2-3 sentences, highlights your relevant experience, skills, and what you bring to the role.

    An objective statement outlines your career goals and how they align with the position you're pursuing. Choose the one that best suits your situation and customize it for each specific job application.

  • Work History:

    Start with your most recent job, working backward, and provide your job title, the establishment name, and your employment dates for each position. Detail your responsibilities and key contributions at each salon or spa where you’ve worked, focusing on accomplishments, like increased client retention, quantifying them when possible.

  • Skills:

    Your skills section should provide a quick snapshot of your abilities, showcasing what makes you a valuable asset in the world of beauty. Use bullet points to outline six to eight of your most relevant and impressive proficiencies.

  • Education:

    Provide details about your educational background, which forms the foundation of your cosmetology expertise. Mention the name and location of the cosmetology school you attended, the title of your degree, diploma, or certificate, and your graduation date.

  • Additional Sections (optional):

    If you have the space, consider adding extra sections to elevate your resume and make it even more appealing to potential employers. Examples of custom sections you could add include certifications and licenses, professional memberships, awards, languages spoken, and any relevant volunteer work or community involvement related to cosmetology.

Key Skills For Cosmetology Resumes

To beat out the competition in job applications, you must show you have the right mix of cosmetology skills. Discover some of the top hard and soft skills to feature on your resume and be a top candidate in cosmetology.

Top 5 Hard Skills for Cosmetology Resumes

    1. Hair Styling: Expertise in cutting, coloring, and styling various hair types ensures you can remain versatile when meeting client’s hair care needs.
    2. Makeup Artistry: Proficiency in makeup application for different occasions, face shapes, and skin tones supports aspirations to become a sought-after makeup artist.
    3. Nail Care: The ability to administer nail treatments like manicures and pedicures demonstrates a commitment to providing comprehensive beauty services.
    4. Knowledge of Skincare Techniques: Competence in treatments like facials, extractions, and chemical peels equips you to improve clients’ skin health and general appearance.
    5. Software Proficiency: Familiarity with scheduling software and payment systems helps you to manage appointments and charge for services.

Top 5 Soft Skills for Cosmetology Resumes

    1. Communication: Excellent oral communication and active listening skills are crucial in understanding clients’ preferences and building lasting relationships.
    2. Creativity: Creative flair and original thinking support your ability to offer clients innovative beauty and grooming services unavailable elsewhere.
    3. Customer Service: The ability to provide exceptional, personalized service to customers that exceeds expectations contributes to improved client retention and positive reviews.
    4. Time Management: Being adept at prioritizing tasks and using time efficiently supports punctuality and ensures you complete services on schedule, enhancing customer satisfaction.
    5. Adaptability: Being adaptable and open to learning helps to keep your skills relevant and in demand in the ever-evolving beauty industry

Key Certifications for Cosmetology Resumes

Certifications can also make a big impact on your cosmetology resume. Consider these popular certifications when writing your resume.

Top 5 Certifications for Cosmetology Resumes

    1. National Esthetician Certification – NCEA Certified: Offered by the National Coalition of Estheticians Association, this credential validates your training and expertise as an esthetician, enhancing your credibility.
    2. Board Certified Haircolorist: This designation identifies you as an expert haircolorist who meets established standards of excellence and has in-depth knowledge of hair coloring techniques.
    3. Professional Barber Certification: The American Barber Association’s respected credential honors licensed barbers who display high levels of professionalism.
    4. Professional Makeup Artist Certification: This certification verifies knowledge of basic and commercial makeup application techniques, tools, and principles.
    5. Laser Hair Removal Certification: This technical certification is required for laser hair removal technicians in many states and confirms that you’ve been trained to use laser equipment for beauty purposes safely.

Helping Job Seekers Like You

10 Tips For Writing A Cosmetology Resume

    1. Emphasize Technical Skills: Success in cosmetology relies heavily on specific technical skills. Clearly outline industry-specific competencies and mention any specialized equipment you’re proficient in.
    2. Include Portfolio Links: If you have a portfolio or have published photographs of your work online, you can visually demonstrate your artistic abilities and the quality of your services.
    3. Add Concrete Evidence: Include numbers and metrics to add substance to your accomplishments and make them more impressive and convincing.
    4. Highlight Customer Service Skills: Emphasize your client-centric approach, communication skills, and how you create a positive and comfortable atmosphere for your clients.
    5. Showcase Continuing Education: List certifications you’ve earned and mention any advanced courses, seminars, workshops, or additional training you’ve completed, to demonstrate your commitment to cosmetology.
    6. Use Industry Keywords: Incorporate terminology to demonstrate your expertise. Doing so will make your resume more relevant and tailored to the job position, helping you stand out with employers and applicant tracking systems (ATS).
    7. Demonstrate Adaptability: The cosmetology field is always evolving, so showcase your ability to adapt to new trends and techniques.
    8. Choose a Simple Layout: Use a clean, uncomplicated design for your resume, as it allows your skills, qualifications, and experiences to take center stage.
    9. Include a Visually Appealing Header: Position your name and contact information in an eye-catching header at the top of your resume – this simple design element can leave a strong first impression.
    10. Seek Feedback: Don’t hesitate to ask a trusted colleague or mentor to review your resume. They can provide valuable feedback and suggest improvements based on their experience and expertise in the field.
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Key Takeaways

  • Tailor your resume to your specific cosmetology niche and the requirements of the job you’re applying for, including only relevant information.

  • Alongside your technical skills, also highlight strong interpersonal skills, creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

  • List relevant certifications and affiliations to differentiate yourself in the cosmetology field and enhance your credibility as a trusted professional and expert in your area.

  • Keep the design of your resume simple, with tasteful pops of color and attention to visual hierarchy, to draw attention to important information and ensure the focus remains on the content.

  • Refer to strong resume examples for cosmetologists and other beauty professionals to get valuable inspiration for both the content and design aspects of your resume.

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Cosmetology Resume FAQ

Updated: November 14, 2023

If you’re writing a cosmetology resume with no experience, then focus on your skills, education, and training. Start with a strong objective statement that outlines your career aspirations and highlights your passion for the industry and eagerness to learn. Due to a lack of work history, consider using a functional or combination format to place emphasis on your relevant technical and soft skills.

A cosmetologist should include details about past salon or spa employment, as well as relevant cosmetic skills, education, certifications, trainings, professional memberships, awards, and affiliations related to cosmetology. Resumes should always be tailored to the job in question and include only relevant competencies and experiences.

Relevance to the job title will determine which skills to include. Generally speaking though, key technical skills for a cosmetology role include hair styling, nail care, makeup application, waxing, skincare treatments, and knowledge of industry equipment and products. Some valuable soft skills are communication, creativity, customer service, time management, adaptability, active listening, and physical stamina.

Details about your cosmetology training should be included in the education section of your resume. Include the name of the cosmetology school and its location (city and state), the name of the program and the type of qualification (i.e., Cosmetology Diploma or Certificate), and your graduation date. If you recently graduated, you can also mention specific coursework and any academic honors or awards received.

A hairstylist resume should feature a visually appealing design and a clean and organized layout with clear section headings, a professional font, and appropriate spacing. It’s important to maintain consistent formatting throughout the resume, using the same font, font size, and treatment (e.g., bold or italics) for headings, job titles, and dates.


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