Catering Server Resume Examples For 2024 (Template & Guide)

Catering servers ensure an excellent customer dining experience at special events, meetings, and celebrations of all kinds. If you are looking for your next catering job, check out our resume examples and guides to get started!

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Catering Server Resumes: Overview

As a catering professional, you are responsible for delivering and serving food and beverages to guests and ensuring their satisfaction throughout the meal.

You work with a team to create memorable experiences for your guests in a variety of settings, including:

          • On-Site Event Catering
          • Hotels and Wedding Venues
          • Corporate Events
          • Banquet Halls
          • Cruise Ships

To succeed in catering, you need a keen eye for detail, excellent communication skills, and the ability to handle high-pressure situations.

Hloom can help you craft a standout resume that sets you apart when looking for you next catering server job.

Explore our expertly designed resume examples for more help, and download a template to get started!

Catering Server Resume: Choose a Format

The first step to creating a resume for a catering server is to choose a format that puts your unique skills and experience in the best light.

There are three formats a catering server should consider: chronological, functional or combination.

Each format has benefits and possible drawbacks, so it is important to understand the difference. Keep reading to learn which one will be best for your catering server application.

Chronological Resumes for Catering Servers

A chronological resume format emphasizes your work history, making it perfect for showcasing your experience in catering.

Impress employers by detailing your career progression and highlighting relevant roles and achievements.

In a chronological resume, you list your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job and working backward.

Then, under each job entry, bulleted sentences explain your job responsibilities and accomplishments.

Chronological resumes can be an excellent choice for experienced catering professionals or someone with closely related experience.

They are highly preferred by employers since they focus on work experience, which provides valuable insight into your abilities as a catering server. Chronological resumes are also very compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS), which increases your chances of landing a job interview!

Functional Resumes for Catering Servers

Your second option is a functional resume format. Functional resumes emphasize your skills and qualifications, making them ideal for those with little or no relevant work experience.

For example, suppose you are just starting your career in catering. In that case, you can use a functional format to highlight your versatility and transferable skills to catch the eye of potential employers.

However, there are potential drawbacks to using a functional format for your catering server resume. Many employers prefer receiving a detailed work history on your resume, and the format is not ATS-friendly.

A functional resume can still work well for someone without relevant work experience. However, you should be aware of its limitations.

Combination Resumes for Catering Servers

Your third option is a combination resume format. Combination resumes strike a balance between experience and skills. This format showcases your key skills and provides a detailed work history to present a well-rounded picture of your qualifications.

Combination resumes work well for a catering server with limited experience or transitioning from a different career.

Placing your skills and qualifications above your work history section allows you to demonstrate your ability to do the job even if your work history is not entirely relevant to catering.

Choosing a Resume Format

Choosing the right resume format is a pivotal point in the resume writing process. When in doubt, a chronological format is always a safe choice.

It’s ATS-friendly and can be tailored to effectively showcase any experience level.

For instance, let’s say you are currently working as a cashier and are applying for a catering server position.

When you describe your cashier work experience on your resume, you can emphasize skills and experience that are also needed in a catering server. Your customer service experience will be highly relevant to a potential catering job.

For example, you could say, “Implemented new customer service strategies, increasing customer satisfaction scores by 10%.” Using action verbs and numbers to demonstrate your impact will help your customer service savvy stand out to the hiring manager.

How to Write a Catering Server Resume

Now that you have chosen a resume format, you can start crafting a compelling catering server resume! This simple how-to guide will help you get started!

Your resume should include 5 essential sections:

  • Contact Information
  • Resume Summary or Objective Statement
  • Work History
  • Skills
  • Education

Each section is crucial in helping your resume stand out from the competition! Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to make the most of each resume section.

Contact Information

First, you will provide your contact information. This section should be at the top of your catering server resume.

Make sure it is easy to read and easy to find so that employers can reach out to you to schedule that job interview!

Your contact information section should include:

  • First and Last Name
  • City and State
  • Professional Email Address
  • Telephone Number

Your name should stand out enough to be memorable but not so large that it wastes valuable page space.

Use a standard font that is easy to read and in a color that is easy to see.

If you have a LinkedIn or an online portfolio demonstrating your background in catering, consider adding those links.

With all that said, an example of the contact section of a catering server’s resume may look like this:

Jessica Taylor
San Francisco, CA
(415) 555-1234

Summary or Objective

Next, you will write a brief introductory paragraph that provides a profile of your catering server resume.

You may have noticed that many resumes include a brief statement underneath the contact information section that introduces the reader to the job candidate.

There are two types of introductory paragraphs. You can choose either a resume summary or an objective statement.

A resume summary is a brief 2 to 3 sentences that provides a quick overview of your relevant experience, skills, and personal qualities that make you a good candidate for the catering server position.

For example:

“Hardworking catering server with five years of experience in upscale restaurants and event catering. Proven ability to provide exceptional service and handle diverse tasks with precision.”

An objective statement, on the other hand, is better suited to someone new to the job. It is a brief introduction stating your career goals and enthusiasm for the job.

For example:

“Dedicated and motivated catering server seeking a challenging role in a reputable catering company. Eager to contribute excellent customer service skills to create memorable dining experiences.”

Whether you choose a summary or an objective, this section should be tailored to each job you apply to.

You can help your resume get selected by the ATS if you use keywords from the job description in this introduction.

Work History

Next, you will craft a detailed work history section. List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job and working backward.

Each entry should include your job title, the employer’s name and location, and the dates you worked there.

The exact format of the job entries can vary depending on your resume template design, but may look something like this:

Catering Server, 02/2018 – 02/2020
Radisson Hotel & Suites – Austin, Texas

Then, under each entry, you will write at least three bulleted sentences about your experience in each role.

To create an engaging and effective resume, explain your responsibilities, achievements, and the impact you made in each previous job.

Use strong action verbs like served, completed, enhanced or collaborated to create a compelling picture.

Also, remember to use numbers or percentages to quantify your accomplishments to validate your contributions, this allows employers to see the specific value you offer as a candidate for the catering server position.

For example, under your catering server job entry, you might include the following bullets:

          • Assisted clients in menu planning, meeting room set-up, diagrams and more for an average of 6 events monthly, ranging from groups of 20 to 500.
          • Delivered exceptional customer service, resulting in a 20% increase in client satisfaction.
          • Handled set-ups and takedowns of all catering furniture and equipment at each event.

Again, each of these bullets is an opportunity to customize your catering resume to align with each job you apply to.

Let employers know you meet the job requirements by including experience and qualifications matching the job posting.

Using these tips, the work history section of your catering server resume might have an entry like this:

Catering Server, 02/2018 – 02/2020
Radisson Hotel & Suites – Austin, Texas

          • Assisted in the planning and execution of over 70 successful events, ranging from intimate gatherings of 20 to large-scale corporate events of up to 500 guests, ensuring seamless operation and guest satisfaction.
          • Enhanced customer service by providing personalized attention to guests’ needs, leading to a 20% increase in client satisfaction surveys and a 15% rise in repeat business.
          • Managed and supervised the setup and takedown of catering furniture and equipment, streamlining processes to improve efficiency by 25% and reduce event setup times.
          • Collaborated closely with the culinary team to ensure menu offerings were presented attractively and served at the correct temperatures, contributing to a 10% increase in positive feedback regarding food quality.
          • Implemented new beverage service standards that increased sales by 18%, by suggesting and serving wine and cocktail options that complemented menu choices.


Now, you will create a dedicated skills section showcasing your most relevant qualifications.

Catering jobs require both hard skills and soft skills, so include a mix of both to impress potential employers.

Although you want to tailor your resume to a specific job description, here are the top hard and soft skills for a catering server position to help you get started.

Top 5 Hard Skills for Catering Resumes

          • Food Safety: Employers seek catering servers who understand and adhere to safe food handling practices. This skill ensures the well-being of clients and guests, prevents foodborne illnesses and maintains a positive reputation for the catering service.
          • Menu Knowledge: Possessing comprehensive menu knowledge goes beyond reciting dish names. Catering servers with expertise in describing menu items and making thoughtful recommendations contribute to an enhanced dining experience. This skill showcases your ability to guide guests through menu choices, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.
          • Time Management: Catering work is fast-paced and often requires handling multiple tasks simultaneously. From setting up event spaces to ensuring timely food service, this skill is a testament to your ability to meet deadlines and deliver impeccable service.
          • Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Efficient order processing is crucial in managing guest requests, tracking inventory, and ensuring accurate billing. Mastery of POS systems reflects your adaptability to technology, streamlining the catering service and improving overall efficiency.
          • Physical Stamina: The ability to stand and move for extended periods is a fundamental hard skill for a catering job. Demonstrating physical stamina ensures consistent service delivery and reflects your commitment to providing guests with a positive and memorable experience.

Top 5 Soft Skills for Catering Resumes

          • Communication: Catering servers must convey information clearly to clients and team members. Strong communication skills enable you to take accurate orders, address client preferences, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, contributing to a cohesive and well-executed event.
          • Adaptability: Adaptability is crucial for catering servers to navigate varying tasks and event dynamics. Whether adjusting to last-minute changes or accommodating client requests, showcasing adaptability underscores your ability to handle the unpredictable nature of catering.
          • Attention to Detail: Precision in serving and presentation is a mark of a skilled catering server. Attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the catering service, from table settings to food presentation, meets the highest standards.
          • Team Collaboration: Catering servers must work harmoniously with chefs, event planners, and fellow servers. Strong team collaboration skills ensure that each team member contributes effectively, leading to the flawless execution of events.
          • Customer Service: Providing exceptional customer service is at the heart of catering. Understanding client expectations, anticipating needs, and resolving issues promptly is essential to client satisfaction and the success of the catering service.

Showcase these skills strategically in your resume to create a compelling narrative of your capabilities as a catering server.

Your catering server resume skills section can either consist of brief bullet points like this:

          • Menu Planning
          • Attention to Detail
          • Food Safety
          • Plating and Preparation
          • Team Communication
          • Customer-Focus

Or, you can provide more detailed information like this:

          • Experienced with Point of Sale (POS) systems and Sales Automation software.
          • Ability to resolve customer issues with empathy and professionalism.
          • Team player who enjoys working with others to create great events.


Next, you will provide your educational background, emphasizing relevant certifications or degrees. List your highest level of education, including the degree earned and the name and location of the school.

For example, your education section may look like this:

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts
XYZ University, Phoenix, AZ

Additional Sections

Once you have crafted the five essential sections of your catering resume, you can consider including some additional sections to enhance your resume.

Optional sections like languages spoken, volunteer experience, or industry-related certifications to enrich your resume.

For example, some catering jobs require certifications such as a food handler’s certificate or an alcohol server’s permit.

In that case, you can create an additional section titled “Certifications” and list that information to let employers know you are ready to get to work!

Certifications for Catering Server Resumes

Certifications can significantly bolster a catering server’s resume by demonstrating specialized skills and commitment to the profession. Here are some certifications that are relevant to catering servers:

          • ServSafe Food Handler Certification – Demonstrates knowledge of food safety standards.
          • TIPS Certification (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) – Shows expertise in responsible alcohol service.
          • Certified Foodservice Professional (CFP) – Indicates a broad knowledge of foodservice and hospitality standards.
          • First Aid & CPR Certification – Essential for handling any emergencies that may occur during catering events.

6 Tips For Writing A Catering Server Resume

Tailor Your Resume: Customize your resume for each application, emphasizing relevant skills and experiences.

For example, when applying for a catering server position at an upscale restaurant, tailor your resume by highlighting your experience providing high-end service at similar establishments. Emphasize skills such as menu knowledge and fine dining etiquette, showcasing your adaptability to the specific needs of the employer.

Emphasize Customer Service: Highlight your exceptional customer service skills to demonstrate your ability to enhance the dining experience. Mention instances where your customer service skills have elevated the dining experience.

For instance, discuss how you effectively addressed special dietary requirements at events, ensuring that each guest received personalized attention and contributing to overall client satisfaction.

Quantify Achievements: Use numbers to quantify your achievements, such as the number of events managed or customer satisfaction scores.

For example, you can specify that you successfully managed over 100 events to showcase your experience. Additionally, you might highlight an increased percentage in customer satisfaction scores or repeat business to underscore your commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Highlight Various Event Experience: Emphasize your experience handling diverse events, from weddings to corporate functions. This not only exhibits your adaptability but also positions you as a well-rounded catering server.

Include Keywords: Integrate industry-specific keywords to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

For example, if the job posting emphasizes “event coordination” or “fine dining service,” ensure these keywords are strategically placed in your resume. This enhances your chances of passing through ATS and catching the recruiter’s attention.

Use Strong Action Verbs: Infuse your resume with impactful language to engage and captivate the reader. You can elevate your catering server resume by replacing mundane verbs with powerful action words.

For example, instead of saying “served food,” opt for “orchestrated seamless food service,” demonstrating initiative and leadership. Choose verbs such as “coordinated,” “executed,” and “managed” to make your resume more compelling and engaging to potential employers.

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Key Takeaways

          • Choose the right resume format to emphasize your strengths.
          • Highlight key skills such as food safety, menu knowledge, and customer service.
          • Certifications add credibility to your catering server resume.
          • Tailor your resume and showcase quantifiable achievements for maximum impact.
          • Use action verbs to engage the reader and capture their attention.

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Updated: March 01, 2024

To tailor your catering server resume for various roles, closely review each job description and identify specific skills or experiences emphasized by the employer. Then, customize your resume to include relevant details. For example, if you apply for a wedding catering position, you can highlight your experience in orchestrating seamless events, managing diverse menus, and providing personalized service to ensure a memorable experience for clients and guests.

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of success in catering. Catering servers directly impact guests' experiences, making customer service skills crucial. Showcase instances where you've gone above and beyond to meet client expectations. For instance, describe how you addressed dietary preferences, proactively resolved issues, or provided personalized recommendations, emphasizing your commitment to delivering outstanding service.

Absolutely. Catering employers seek a unique set of skills to ensure successful events. Highlight your menu knowledge to showcase your ability to describe dishes and make recommendations. Emphasize strong time management skills, crucial for handling multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Additionally, underscore your adaptability to illustrate your ability to handle unexpected challenges.

Aim for a concise one-page catering resume. According to experts, hiring managers may spend less than 10 seconds scanning your resume for information. Focus on presenting key qualifications, experiences, and achievements. A brief and well-organized one-page resume ensures that recruiters quickly grasp your qualifications without sorting through unnecessary details.

Yes! Incorporating relevant volunteer experience on your catering server resume can help you stand out. Highlight transferable skills you gained through volunteer work, such as event coordination, customer interaction, or teamwork. This showcases your versatility and provides a comprehensive view of your capabilities even if you lack relevant work history.

First, choose a visually appealing resume template to catch the recruiter's eye. Then, tailor your resume for each application by emphasizing relevant skills and experiences and focusing on quantifiable achievements, such as the number of events managed or improvements in customer satisfaction. This personalized approach demonstrates your dedication and increases your chances of standing out among other applicants.

No, it's not necessary to include references on your catering server resume. Instead, create a separate reference list with names, titles, contact information, and a brief description of your relationship with each reference. Have this list ready upon request, and keep your resume concise and focused on showcasing your qualifications.


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