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Free Resume Styles Ideal for Your Career

Figuring out exactly what to say in your resume and how to format the document can overwhelm even the savviest of jobseekers. Should you include your experience before your skills? Should you use color throughout your document? The fact is, you won’t find a universal answer to these questions. It all depends on the type of job you want and who will read your resume.

Most hiring managers want to easily find your biggest accomplishments and most relevant skills as they skim through your document. This means you need to use a format that points out what recruiters want to see.

Our free resume templates give examples of great layouts that showcase important skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Learn about some of the best design elements you can use and what type of info to include in your own document by reading on.


Using free resume templates gives you a great foundation for this important professional document. You can find templates that meet your style preferences and work well with your career. Once you find a layout you love, you simply put in your own information, review the document, and then send it off to hiring managers.

You might love using our templates because of the following reasons:

Free Resume Templates
  • All formats work against the six-second glance

  • You learn about the design elements recruiters in your industry look for

  • You don’t have to do any trial and error with the layout

Whether you need a bit of inspiration or a lot of formatting help, using our templates can make the writing process easier.

Entry-Level Free Resume Template

Are you a recent grad or thinking of switching your career? If so, you probably don’t have as much experience as someone who has been in the workforce for the better part of a decade. An entry-level resume should focus on transferrable skills and education more than work experience. Thankfully, we offer lots of beginner-friendly free resume templates.

Popular Free Resume Templates

Our most used free resume templates come in top place for a reason — they work! If you don’t want to sift through the hundreds of designs we have available, taking a look at the most popular formats should give you access to something that will work for you. Looking through the top options also serves as a great way for you to get familiar with the different layouts available.

Basic and Simple Free Resume Templates

Are you looking for a document that has universal appeal? Hiring managers love basic formats. because they are easy to read and focus on your skills and experiences. This simple layout can still include a few embellishments, such as vertical lines, borders, or lists, to ensure each section stands out. Free resume templates in this category work well for professionals in conservative lines of work, including lawyers, accountants, and engineers.

Contemporary Free Resume Templates

Contemporary resumes incorporate eye-catching designs into their layout. This may include pops of color, graphics, pictures, or columns. People in journalism, sales, interior design, or photography may find these free resume templates work well for their careers. Before you use this style, make sure you think about the culture of the company you want to work for. A conservative business, for example, may not appreciate the whimsy.

One-Page Free Resume Templates

Traditionally, resumes remain on a single page. However, thanks to contemporary documents and video resumes, two-page documents have become more popular. Even though using more than one page can be acceptable, many recruiters still want to see one-page resumes. These short documents emphasize organization and readability. A shorter version works well for people with little experience, but even executive-level professionals can learn how to use these single-page free resume templates.

What To Say in Your Resume

As you look through our free resume templates, you’ll come to realize there is no one-size-fits-all design. You need to tailor the document to your unique experience if you really want it to catch the eye of a hiring manager.

For example, one applicant may include a section dedicated to certifications, but this wouldn’t be appropriate if you have no job-related certifications. Rather than create a document like everyone else’s, you need to learn how to write a resume.

This means looking at your own experience to figure out what sort of sections your resume needs. This checklist indicates the sections hiring managers expect to see and which ones you can add if appropriate to your experiences.

Contact Information

Employers need to know who the document is about and how to get in touch with the person. Include your full name, telephone number, email address, and city and state.


Even if you have little work experience, you need to include this section. Always try to list position titles, company names, employment dates, and three to five accomplishments for each job.


If you have college education, that’s all you need to discuss in this section. Write out the name of your degree, the area you studied, the name of the university, and your dates of graduation.

Professional Summary

This optional section should emphasize your skills, accomplishments, and experiences that make you a great fit for the job. Think of this one- to three-sentence paragraph as a sales pitch.

Objective Statement

If you don’t want to include a professional summary, you can create an objective instead. However, most employers don’t like an objective paragraph as much because it looks at what you’ll get out of the job rather than what they’ll get from you.


Most resumes include a section dedicated to relevant skills and qualifications. Look over the job description to find out what type of abilities the employer wants to see.

Achievements and Awards

If you have numerous awards, you can include this optional section. Make sure any awards you discuss apply to the job. In other words, don’t include your first-place prize from a pie eating contest.

You never need to add frills to your file. Only include the information that will help you land the job, and get rid of everything else.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the job-search process? You can take some of the stress away by using a resume builder. This reliable writing tool helps you create a personalized document that focuses on your important skills and experiences. With this first draft, you’ll have a great start to your professional document.

Like our free resume templates, the builder provides a variety of benefits you’ll love:

  • Shows template choices based on your experience and career
  • Suggests industry-specific phrases and keywords
  • Exposes you to examples and tips tailored to your profession
  • Allows you access to a cover letter builder
  • Provides interview advice for after you land a meeting

Not only do we want to help you craft a document you can be proud of, but we want to help you through every part of the job search. From resume design advice to two-week notice memo tips, get all of the job-search help you need right here.

Free Resume Templates